Machining plam on 1 1/2'' thick pressboard

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Machining plam on 1 1/2'' thick pressboard

Postby DanFecteau » Tue, Mar 13 2018, 1:36PM

I'm having bad results (chipping) on outline afert only 4-5 sheets, mostly on top of board. I'm usign Onsrud 60-181Mw at 18 000 rpm and 250-300 feed in 2 passes....Any idea what is the problem ?

Is there anyway I could do an outline with variable depth at 1st pass in the same outline ? Oscillating ? I have a Model 40 and just add a Model 45 wich would be ready to use by the end of next week.

Thanks for feed back !

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Re: Machining plam on 1 1/2'' thick pressboard

Postby Will Williamson » Thu, Mar 15 2018, 4:13PM

Have you considered Diamond tooling

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Re: Machining plam on 1 1/2'' thick pressboard

Postby Clint Buechlein » Fri, Mar 16 2018, 8:01AM

As you read the response below, keep in mind I don't do a lot of cutting. I do some, but not nearly enough to be considered "production".

My initial thought is the 250-300 ipm is too slow for a 1/2" bit. Going by Onsrud's chip load calculator located here ... pboard.pdf for that material (I believe same type of material you are cutting), you should be somewhere in the 550-600 ipm speed. That speed calculated using the row 60-100(DE), .022" chip load, and factoring the 25% reduction for two passes. It may be worth calling in to Onsrud's tech line to see if there is another option in tooling or recommended speeds.

That all being said, there is an oscillate code. Turning on an axis to oscillate is a G65, turning off is a G64. You can search in the Super Control manual for those codes and it will list the stipulations.


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