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Postby Donald L Estes » Tue, May 08 2012, 2:26PM

I had designed cabinets in cabinet editor for a laundry room, 2- cabinets, each 26" w. x 36" ht. x 18" dp, and 2- cabinets, each 30" w.x 36" ht. x 18" dp, so room is 112" ( 9'4") wide. Placed cabinets in custom layout, added washer and dryer as display objects, tried to take room to line drawing area to dimension room layout, got message " an invalid arguement has been encoutered" ???? I deleted washer and dryer display objects thinking that was the problem, that didn't matter, same message. The search and glossary in the help section said "no topics found", What does this mean? I've dimensioned rooms in line drawing area before. After trying this several times I got " RUN TIME ERROR" , " Run time has terminated in an unusual way" with "Fault Module Name - MSVCR80.dll" Any suggestions as to what is wrong?

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