problems with angled end units

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problems with angled end units

Postby Mark Hesketh » Wed, Jun 27 2007, 1:59PM

I am trying to create a seed cabinet for an angled unit that would be placed at the end of a run of base units. If this was at the right end of the cabinets, the left gable would left off, and it would share a gable with the last cabinet in the run. The right gable would vary in depth. I have created the cabinet as a regular cabinet, then set the parts in the \"angle part\" area to follow the right side when there is an inset. They all follow fine. Where I come into a problem is with the \"stretcher\" that I have set just below the top. I created a shelf, had the right front follow the gable, then offset that front edge in part editor to create a 3\" wide stretcher. I then went and constrained the sides of it so that in theory, no matter how the angle of the part changes, the sides will remain the same length. Now I went and changed the inset of the right gable, and the front edge of the \"stretcher\" moved, but the back stayed where it was. went to check on it in the constraint manager and the constraints are still there... they just aren't actually applied to the part. Any idea how I can get it so that no matter what inset I set for the gable, I can have a stretcher-that-is-really-a-shelf remain at the same thickness yet still move to the correct angle?

Does any of this make sense?

I will post the cabinet so you can see what I mean...
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