Frustrated with eCabinet Systems??

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Jesse L Layman
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Re: Frustrated with eCabinet Systems??

Postby Jesse L Layman » Thu, Jul 31 2008, 4:26PM

I appreciate the support from everyone, and I admit that in a moment of frustration I ran to the forum and typed a quick message that I thought would make me feel better :? I think I will be speaking with my boss a little more about the training classes now!

The one problem I was having yesterday was with editing a cabinet that was already placed in Custom Layout. Bear with me, I'm going to try to explain this since I don't know how to upload files here and let someone else try to figure it out on their computer. To begin, I deleted the doors and then changed the width of the left stile of the face frame. Then when I went to add a door back, the opening still read as the size of the previous larger opening before the face frame was changed (although when I added the double doors, they were the correct size). Then it didn't seem to want to let me select one of the shelves to delete it, and when I did delete the shelves, the yellow boxes that list the shelf position still showed. I also added a mid-rail to the face frame and put a fixed shelf behind it, like a secondary deck, and it showed up with some yellow texture with words on it, instead of looking like red oak. Also, it showed through the end of the cabinet when it clearly was listed as a 3/16" deep full dado.

Is there a problem with doing too much editing to a cabinet that has been placed in custom layout? I ended up starting over in Cabinet Editor and built the cabinet the way I wanted it there first, and this approach worked fine.

Thanks again to all. I'm not giving up on eCabinet Systems!

Terry Hall
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Re: Frustrated with eCabinet Systems??

Postby Terry Hall » Fri, Aug 01 2008, 6:19AM

I've never really had a problem of "over editing" a cabinet. Once in a while with shelves or face frames I'll change them and they don't seem to take. I've learned that when I want to make certain they take (such as changing materials) to click on them individually then make the change, that always works. I'm sure the class would help you pick it up faster, but many here do quite well and never took the class. The more you do something, the more proficient you become.

Michael S Murray
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Re: Frustrated with eCabinet Systems??

Postby Michael S Murray » Fri, Aug 01 2008, 7:52AM

I have had cabinets get (buggy??) on me after being morphed into other cabinets to many times. I have learned to build good seed cabinets and always go back to that to start. Hang in their, its worth it.
Mike Murray
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