Control Nesting

Nesting can be done in the control, which makes using scrap from previous jobs easy.

Thermwood controls have built-in part nesting. At the end of each job, the control prints a bar code label for any partial sheets remaining, provided they are large enough to reuse. To use this material in a new job, simply scan them in the order in which you want to run them. Parts are nested on these first, then on full sheets and then labels are printed for any remaining material. Reusing this scrap generates substantial savings over time.

Attempting to do this when nesting in the office is much more difficult. It involves a fixed, rigid nest program that the operator must work around, locating, identifying and sorting scrap pieces to match the nest. This extra effort usually costs more than any possible savings.

Control nesting is only available from Thermwood and is the only practical way to save money by reusing scrap.

Control Nesting Screenshot