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Software Version 3.35
CadPath is used to convert a spline program into short (point to point) line segments. The program no longer has to calculate spline information "on the fly"; enabling it to exceed the 200 IPM maximum spline feed rate and
can now also use length compensation.

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Software Version 3.39
Partial NC Reset Warning
Allowing a partial NC reset gives the 91000 SuperControl great flexibility, however most of the time a partial NC reset was not intended and an operator may inadvertently cause the machine to perform something not intended. This feature prompts the operator and warns him of the situation. If they indeed wanted a partial NC reset they may accept it or if not they may cancel and perform the proper full reset

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Software Version 3.45
Spline Code
Spline Code has been dramatically enhanced to allow for a more predictable trajectory of motion when working with rotary axes. The software now uses both the system pivot distance and the active tool length to achieve a true pivot distance value for spline calculations.

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Software Version 3.70
Probe Scanning Auto-Save
The software prompts for a file name before any type of auto scanning is started and automatically saves at the end of the scan. This helps eliminate the possibility of losing a file because of operator error or power outage after a scan is completed.

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Software Version 4.00
New Operator Screen Layout
This new layout utilizes high-resolution graphics for better readability and appearance. Screen space has been enhanced to display more valuable program information than before.

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Software Version 4.03
Graphic Error Display
This feature is used to help identify the cause of an E-Stop error that may have occurred. A simple message outlining the problem is displayed at the top of the screen along with a graphic representation of the problem and its location on the machine.

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Software Version 4.15
Service Clock System
The Service Clock assures the timely and necessary maintenance of all serviceable parts on a machine. It tells the operator via a message on the main menu button that service is needed on a machine part. After pressing the button, the Service Clock displays a picture of the part to be maintained along with its location in red on the machine.

3-D Rotary Helix Support
Added support for 3-dimensional rotary helixes and multiple rotary axes commands within all helical arcs (2-D and 3-D).

Improved File Overwrite Protection
This protects against file loss due to accidental file overwrite, erase, new part creation, etc.

Hand-Held Block Stop
The Hand-Held Programmer now allows the operator to perform a Block Stop away from the control. By pressing the "Jog" key on the Hand-Held Programmer, a Block Stop is performed, and program execution is halted.

Label Quantity Increase
Maximum label quantity has been increased from 99 to 1000.

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Software Version 4.25
Relative Angle Movement (Axis 0)
Provides an easy method to program a 5 axis machine with rotary 4th and 5th axis to plunge on an angle or compound angle without the use of trigonometry to calculate the move. Axis zero (0) is designated as the relative movement axis and when commanded to move a given distance will move all the axes necessary to make the router travel in the direction it is pointing.

3-Point Arc
The 3-Point Arc conversion has been improved for working with rotary axis helical arcs. The SuperControl now keeps the rotary axis in the block of code after conversion, eliminating the need to tab to the line and add them later.

Length Compensation for Arcs
Length Compensation now supports Arcs, 3-D Arcs and all Helical Arcs.

Length Compensation Display On/Off
The upper left corner of the screen now displays whether Length Compensation is On (active) or Off (inactive).

Length Compensation "On the Fly"
If a program is stopped via Block Stop and a tool table change is made to the currently active tool, the SuperControl now automatically adjusts to the new values upon a restart.

Tool Holder/Turret Number Display
The screen now displays the active Tool Holder or Turret Number and enables operators to see at a glance what tool should be in the router spindle.

Dual Table Pulse Wheel Programming
Operators may now use the Pulse Wheel of the Hand-Held Programmer directly to program on the second table of a dual table machine.

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Software Version 4.39
AFL Variables Increase
The number of AFL variables has increased from 256 to 384.

New Arc Creation Feature
Allows arc centers to be defined in absolute while programming.

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Thermwood 99
Tool Management System
The Tool Management System was created to simplify the management of the spindle types (actuators), tool changers and tools on a machine. As the systems on individual machines became more diversified, tooling macros grew larger and more complex, and executed slower. Tool Management solves this problem by providing a central "fill in the blank" type of program that allows the configuration of actuators, tool changers and the tools themselves. This can drastically improve tool change times. Tool Management especially benefits turret style tool change machines, which now can rotate the turret, reconfigure parameters for the new tool and index simultaneously. Operators use the Tool Setup screen to assign each tool to an actuator, actuator position, tool changer and tool changer position. The Thermwood Control automatically enters the rest. The Tool Management System allows tools 1-999 to be used on all machines. In other words, any tool number can now be assigned to any actuator. Also, more than one tool number can be associated with the same actuator. Examples: The Main Router on a standard machine is not limited to tool 101. The Turret will no longer be restricted to tools 141-156. The fifty (50) tool changer will not be restricted to tools 1-50.

3-D Circle Macros for 5 Axis Machines
Macros designed to automatically plunge into the middle of the circle, move to twelve o-clock in a straight line, complete a 360 degree circle, move back to the center of the circle and then retract out to the same location it was at before performing the circle.

Quick Shutdown
Perform a quick system shutdown, safe and easily. Simply press "alt-Q" simultaneously.

Pointer Misalignment Message
This message prompts the operator and warns of misalignment. If a block stop is performed after start is pushed and then the cursor is manually moved from the current location and not put back before the start, block step +, or block step - are pushed again, it will warn of the misalignment.

World Coordinate Program Values (G79)
This new G-code is very similar to G90, except that is always references machine Home regardless of any active G92, G51, G54, G52L# or G53L#.

Part Coordinate Set (G51)
This redefines part zero relative to machine Home. It doesn't perform any machine motions, and cancels any previous G51 or active G92, G54, G52L# or G53L#. Example: G51 X# Y#

Fixture Offset (G52L#)
G52L# redefines part zero relative to machine Home. It doesn't perform any machine motions, and references values stored in the fixture table (which may contain up to 100 separate fixture locations).

Fixture Offset (G53L#)
The G53L# redefines part zero relative to machine Home. It performs an interpolated motion to the values stored in the fixture table using the last active feed rate, and cancels any previous G53L# or any active G92, G51, G54, G52L#.

Tool Offset (G54)
This G-code incrementally adjusts the current G92, G51, G52L# or G53L# by the values stated. The G54 values are defined by imagining the distance and axis direction needed to get from the main tool to the secondary tool. It does not perform any machine motions.

Timer Subprogram
Timer Subprograms work by placing a subprogram at the beginning of the program to mark the starting point and then placing a subprogram at the end marking the stopping point. The exact time will be measured within one second of accuracy and displayed on the SuperControl monitor.

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Thermwood 2000
Part Program Variable Color Display:
The Thermwood part program display area now allows separate colors to be set to individual Letter Codes (X, Y, G, M, etc.) and Comment lines within the current file loaded. This can make specific codes stand out and easier to distinguish. Operator can set individual colors from a list of 16. Colors do not display during run mode. (Some colors may conflict with background colors)

Rapid Traverse Teaching Capability:
The SuperControl now allows "G00" Rapid Traverse motions to be entered directly from the Hand Held Programmer. To enter a move as a rapid traverse use the normal line teach function, but instead of just pressing the enter key, press Shift + Speed + Enter and the move will automatically be entered as a rapid traverse move (G00).

Rapid Traverse By-Pass Code:
M48 and M49. When M48 is executed it allows control over G00 motions with the Feed Rate Override knob. The M48 causes rapid traverse lines to move at normal G01 acceleration rates but always at top machine speed. The M49 or a HOME routine sets this back to standard, where G00 moves are not affected by the Feed Rate Override and move at high acceleration rates. This feature is very useful for proofing programs. Gives you control over rapid moves via the Feed Rate Override Knob without having to modify all lines that are assigned to rapid traverse within a part program.

Real Time Tool Life Monitoring:
Tool life is now more accurate than the previous method. With the new system the SuperControl will only reduce the life of the active tool if machine motion is detected and the spindle is on (if detectable).

Tool Life Wear Factor:
This feature allows the programmer to force the tool life to diminish at a faster rate. This is useful for programs that may use the same tool to cut a multitude of different materials. For example, a tool may last longer machining oak vs. walnut and the tool life is set for the max life for oak. So, if it is determined that walnut wears the tool 1.5 times faster then oak, then the following syntax can be placed into the part program to adjust the wear factor. Syntax: [WEARFAC 1.5].

Automatic Tool Substitution Feature:
This feature is designed for tool changing machines. It allows the programmer to set a substitute tool to be called automatically once the life has expired on the main tool used. When a tool is called the SuperControl checks if this tool's life is expired, if it is it will automatically call the next tool assigned as a substitute for the called tool, as long as its life is not expired as well. The only limit to the number of substitute tools that can be set is the capacity of the tool changer itself.

Tool Management System (5-Axis):
Tool Management System now implemented for 5-axis machines.

Full Label Scan Capability:
The SuperControl now has the capability to scan entire programs for labels. This allows extremely large programs that contain labels to execute.

Vertical Axis Clearance Motion Suppression:
It is now possible to inhibit the "Z" axis clearance motion when changing from one tool to another on the same actuator. The system automatically raises the 'Z" axis to the full up, HOME position when you change from one tool to another to assure clearance. In some cases, you may not need this, for example a dual spindle horizontal drill. When you change from drilling with one end of the spindle to other, it may not be necessary to perform the clearance motion. It is now possible to inhibit this clearance motion in these instances. Requires the following syntax !No_Z_Up! to be entered into the Description field of the tool setup screen.

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Software Version 5.05

91000 SuperControl Version 5.05 Features

  • Fixture Offset Temporary Adjustment Ability
  • AFL Current Programmed Feed rate Function allows programmed modal feed rates to remain after a tool change macro is executed.
  • SuperControl users can communicate with other users directly from the control.
  • Thermwood Web store access from the 91000 SuperControl
  • Ordering of machine parts via part numbers or manual description
  • Radius Compensation Temporary Adjustment Ability
  • Axis Oscillation Feature for extended cutter life
  • Enhanced Pointer Misalignment Function
  • Programmer/operator can get a snapshot of the current Feed rate Override Value.


Click Here for SuperControl 5.05 release information

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