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Phillip Kitney

Thermwood Model 90

Flecknoe is the first to take delivery of Thermwood‘s latest design in 5 Axis CNC routers, the Thermwood model 77

  • Flecknoe is your Thermwood sales and service representative for all regions throughout Australia, and New Zealand.
  • We have nearly 20 years’ experience for Thermwood supply, installation and training.
  • Based in Perth;  Western Australia, allows for convenient client support.  We can be in most cities overnight.




Need a 3 axis CNC router,  but would LOVE a 5 axis ?

  • Thermwood 5 axis CNC routers have all of the functionality of Thermwood’s 3 axis Smart Routers.
  • With a vacuum table fitted to your 5 axis, you can run all of the powerful 'Smart' features Thermwood have developed for 3 axis machining.  So you can have the best of both worlds.   Twice the fun.  And huge future potential.
  • Smart routers save material wastage.
  • Smart routers vastly improve labour efficiencies.
  • Smart routers have become much more simple to operate.

It is well known that Thermwood machines are quality built to last the test of time. Plan for your future business success today.

Here at Flecknoe,  we not only supply machines perfectly suited to your business,  we can also supply all of the sundry items required to complete the picture.  We are also proud Dealers for...

  • Key Creator.  Powerful & cost effective 3D CAD software.
  • NCG CAM.  Easy to use CAM software.
  • Cimco.   Independant full featured editing software.
  • LMT Onsrud.  Industry leader in CNC router tooling.
  • Training.  Customised to your needs.

At Flecknoe we don't just sell you a machine.  We prefer to build long standing relationships with our clients to understand their business model completely,  and work with them to develop their manufacturing processes in to the future.

Building on the Flecknoe  philosophy of creating long standing relationships with clients,  we are also very well geared to provide you all the After Sales Service you expect.  You will never feel like you are left alone.

We not only have the experience & expertise to deliver, assemble, install and commission your new Thermwood machine,  we are also your go-to-guys for all future M.R.O.  (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul).

Regular cleaning & servicing (by your own operators) is important to extract the best performance from your Thermwood for many years.

Also important is scheduled maintenance to ensure your machine is in tip top condition to avoid unnecessary production hold ups due to machine break down.

And the peace of mind knowing we are just a phone call away if ever you run in to trouble.

Serving the greater Australasian region.  We are always on your doorstep. Flecknoe.