Solid wood cabinetry made on a Model 42

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Scott Jordan
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Solid wood cabinetry made on a Model 42

Post by Scott Jordan »

We make a wide variety of solid wood furniture on our Model 42 equipped with a Benz aggregate head. The parts are mainly cut from glued up panels held down by conventional vacuum.
We do have a OMEC dovetailer for the drawer boxes and some cases. The joinery is mortise and tenon accomplished using the aggregate head for the tenons.
Over the years we have developed a large library of programming using Thermwood's AFL creating our own parametric programs to make furniture parts of all sorts.Image
To describe our process a bit more precisely, we make dressers like the one pictured here, using a series of programs to make the individual components. These programs use parametric data to make parts to various sizes and configurations. For example: the parameters for the sides of the pictured dresser are: width, number of drawers, height of each drawer, and assumes the panel is .75: thick. Our set up makes a mirrored pair. The joinery is all mortise and tenon. In this example the case is dovetailed on a separate operation on an OMEC dovetailer.
The drawers are a box with an applied front and installed with Accuride undermount slides.
On our website we show a wide variety of furniture that we have made over the years.
I was initially inspired by Ken Susnjara's book "The Furniture Fabrication Factory" that I read in the late 1990s. We bought our Thermwood 42 in 1999 and have built a business making high-end solid wood furniture. For this we will be forever grateful as well as the tremendous support that we have received from the Field Service Team over the years - we couldn't have done it without you.
Mark McCallum
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Re: Solid wood cabinetry made on a Model 42

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Beautiful work Scott.
Always nice to see other peoples work and methodology.
I was also a bit inspired by Kens ideology. I didn't read the book but he did a video or something and he mentioned something like with CNC machining we have to rethink the way we do joinery. I have always aspired to do that.

I hope I get 23 years out of my Thermy.,
I went to buy a part for the edger the other day and they said " but that's 8 years old"
Just another good reason for buying a Thermwood
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