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Brenda Hallman
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Postby Brenda Hallman » Thu, Jul 05 2018, 10:45AM

I am trying to make a mirror frame with an inset mirror and a slot to insert the glass retainer. Not sure if the material (melamine) will be stable enough to accomplish this. However, I think it is worth a try. The slot cutter I have has a nut on the bottom so I want to have pass #1 to allow for the height of the nut. Then #2 pass would be the slot cutter pass. This pass I want up height (slightly) from pass #1.

It seems that .DXF are written in height order the therefore it would do Pass #2 then pass #1. Is there a way to override this? or another way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Clint Buechlein
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Postby Clint Buechlein » Thu, Jul 05 2018, 11:53AM

I'm assuming you mean loading the DXF into Control Nesting? Just curious as the Customer Tools section of the forum is for tools being swept in Part Editor of eCabinets.

If I am assuming correctly, I'll move the thread.

Also if I am assuming correctly, to get Control Nesting to do what you want, you need to number your operations. For example, the two layers below:

centerline1 z0p375 d0p25
centerline2 z0p25 d0p125

Centerline1 would be completed first, centerline2 would be completed second.


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