increase part clearance when using specific bits

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increase part clearance when using specific bits

Postby Michel Leblanc » Fri, Sep 23 2022, 2:21AM

I am cutting some parts with some 45deg cuts being done to them. If I leave it to control nesting to nest the parts, it puts them too close together and ruins the parts beside them. I understand that I could just increase the clearance of my parts but since this only happens to 1 out of 100 parts, I don't want to waste so much between my parts.

I found a workaround that works by adding a chaincompout layer to my part then offsetting the outline so basically my part is nested bigger than what it actually ends up being. but this feels like a work around that could be avoided if control nesting would look at other layers when nesting.

there was a recent update that allows the csv file to add extra clearance altho this doesn't work for me since I would need to know exactly which part to modify on each job and the chance of a mistake happening would be increased quite a bit. Would be great if something could be done at the dxf level like maybe adding a modification to the outline layer name, or just adding a layer

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