Constraint variable sugestion

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Constraint variable sugestion

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The variable values in the constraints manager is a very useful tool and was a great addition.
I was just wondering if the way we add the variables could be changed? Or perhaps there is a way already and I need educating :)
The way we use it now we apply the constraints and then we go back and select each value individually and type in the selected value v01 or whatever
Sometimes there can be a dozen or so of the same variable so 12 times v01 .... (and I'm all dingers and dumbs) Slooooow typer.
In the image below is just a suggestion of a multi select and apply.

Or perhaps hold ctrl, select constraints and click on the value to apply.

I really find it useful with the existing feature that if you change the value it applies the associated values to the part editor parts for the entire cabinet.

Not sure if others would find this useful but I would appreciate it. (?)
Okay pushing the boundaries now :)
In the below image
Another possibly very useful tweak the ability to change the variables in the global modification area for batch cabinets or room layout.
Its either a great saver of time or a supper easy way to ruin a whole job :joker:
Again I would be interested if others think this would be useful.
Thanking you
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