worklist csv material name issue

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worklist csv material name issue

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in the worklist file, you have the option to modify the name of the sheet along with width height and thickness of the sheet. control nesting however, only looks at the name when separating out the materials. This means if I have a sheet that's 4 x 8 and another that's 4 x 9, and they have the same material name, they get bunched together on either size(probably the first size listed on the worklist).
it would be very useful if control nesting would separate sheets based on name / width / length / thickness.

in the past, I have gotten parts that should have gone to the 4 x 8 sheet sent to the 4 x 9.
today I got a piece that was 5/8" nested with a sheet that was 1/8" thick, it really messed up some parts.
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