Recut feature request

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Michel Leblanc
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Recut feature request

Post by Michel Leblanc »

After a job has been written to cnc, a sheet list is displayed in the top right corner. By double clicking this, it shows you the list of parts with names and info.
I would like it if in this view, u could click on a part and ask it to be recut on the last sheet.
That way, as the job is being cut, a list of recur parts could be continuously added to the last sheet saving a lot of time and making things much simpler to manage.
Mark McCallum
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Re: Recut feature request

Post by Mark McCallum »

Hi Michel.

There are lots of settings to suit the way you want to work and it could also depend on the model and features of your machine.

This is the way we do it.
We don't have auto labeling. so we apply the labels by hand.
We print labels and sheet layouts as we cut sheets.
As each sheet cuts we have it set to print sticky labels and the A4 layout sheets.
We put the layout sheets on a clipboard.
The layout sheet has a sheet number so if you stop and do something else you can see which sheet you are up to.
We put a cross on each sheet when it gets cut. (You can work out if a sheet has been cut, but just easy to put a cross and can save time.)
If a piece gets damaged during cutting, we circle or underline the part on the printed sheet.

When we come to cut the last sheet and if there is space on it and there is anything we wish to re-cut.

We renest ( Write on the first A4 sheet the method you used to nest. Nested x or y or rectangular so the nesting pattern stays the same.)

Then we can flick through the sheets, cut the parts on the screen and paste to the last sheet, write CNC and you are good to go.

Also last control nest update you can now save nests.
So if you have dragged a lot of pieces around you can save the nests and reload them and modify as above without losing your changes.

Hope this helps
Forrest Chapman
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Re: Recut feature request

Post by Forrest Chapman »

I have been thinking about this for a while. Even though we print everything upfront it's not that big of deal to reprint the last sheet when needed.

It seems like this might be available in the cut center.

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