ERROR: Edge Banding Has Wrong Body

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Todd Reinke
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ERROR: Edge Banding Has Wrong Body

Postby Todd Reinke » Wed, Jul 05 2023, 8:21AM

Hey All...
Noob to eCabinets...old school to SolidWorks+MasterCAM.
Currently running Ver.

I've nested my batch cabinets and all was fine. But then I changed the material sheet size in an effort to decrease waste.
I then get an message "error: edge banding has wrong body".
Can someone advise what happened.

Lost in Space

Mark McCallum
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Re: ERROR: Edge Banding Has Wrong Body

Postby Mark McCallum » Fri, Jul 07 2023, 6:55AM

Yes, I have had that one popping up just recently. I don't what has changed. I have been busy, so just ignoring it, I haven't noticed it causing cutting problems yet.

Ingbert Kilian
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Re: ERROR: Edge Banding Has Wrong Body

Postby Ingbert Kilian » Wed, Oct 04 2023, 7:08PM


It happened to me also sometimes, the same situation.

It may work if you close eCabinets, empty the trash pin and restart eCabients again. It worked for me sometimes.

Chris B Campbell
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Re: ERROR: Edge Banding Has Wrong Body

Postby Chris B Campbell » Thu, Nov 30 2023, 3:33PM

Still having error message, I was hoping it would go away with update.

Mark McCallum
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Re: ERROR: Edge Banding Has Wrong Body

Postby Mark McCallum » Thu, Nov 30 2023, 10:33PM

Hi Chris
I had a random thought on this.
Check to see if all your edging materials have an image assigned to it.

I had named a material for edge tape called none with a zero thickness.
Somehow it lost it's image as in the picture.
(I reloaded it from another job that I knew had it on it to show you.)
edgeband 2.png
I have now deleted that material from my edging list.
I have created another material called no edging to replace it.
Now when I load a previously designed cabinet with none edging, I replace it with no edging which has an image.

I haven't worked out if it was the problem or not. But worth a look at.
Also in the image below, There is the system None and the created None available as a edge banding selection.

I think the system None was added in after we had made cabinets using a material called None, but I cant fully recall if that was so.

I have attached a single piece that only has 1mm edging on it.
When you first load the piece into the cabinet editor, it it asks to add the edging material None.
B Top tall.hsf
(492.02 KiB) Downloaded 16 times
(the designated drawers are 1mm edging, The doors, no edging ) But the default drawer front if you check it in the door / drawer editor it wont load, because it comes up with the error message, image not found. There appears to be nothing wrong with it until you load the the default drawer front.
So perhaps look into those assigned selections and see if they are giving you problems.

I'm not sure if theses ramblings are of any help, but maybe you might find something that helps.


PS. And seems we are talking edge banding to go slightly of topic.
Clint if you notice the costings for edge tape is by the foot. In the 1st image, edgeband 3 is $1.00 / foot, but the length is by the meter as shown in the image below
Its just a little confusing if you are not aware if it.

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