CS 43 Siemens Feed Module Fault

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CS 43 Siemens Feed Module Fault

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This started the other day out of the blue, I was cutting a job of 16 sheets and had to leave after 12 sheets. I shut down the machine as normal.

When I started the router to complete the job is where the problems started.
• Turned on router
• Did spindle warm up
• Re loaded job
• Loaded sheet 13
• Router went to unload tool and grab correct tool
• Router would not complete unloading tool and stayed within an inch of tool holder.
• Checked PLC screen to view codes
• "Z Bar 1 up switch not closed 1.5 seconds after drawbar down output turned off"
• Removed front cover on router and went to input/output on the screen. 18 was staying checked without tool loaded. Did further testing determined sensor failure.
• Replaced sensor 1
• Everything seemed to load and unload perfectly.
• Reloaded job went to sheet 13
• Router picked correct tool however as soon as the router returned to full height of the Z axis and tried to start router and go off in the Y direction the router immediately goes into E Stop
• The screen that comes up says "Siemens Feed Fault" with a picture of the table and controller.
• PLC Screen shows the following codes
o " Siemens Sinamics Feed Module Faulty ( Via Profibus or Profinet)
o " Spindle 1 Feed Module Faulted Fault1-7900 Flt3-0 RPM= 0.0 Tool Num=4
o " EStop during tool change barstyle_newtool_was_pickedup_State Currtool=4 Tnum=4 Bar_to_Bar to1=10 fr4=10 x=-2.31.

• NOTE, I can still flycut and also spindle warm up.
• NOTE, If the correct tool required for first application and is in the Home Position the router will complete that task, it will unload and load the new tool and again once it comes to the top of Z axis and tries to start spindle and continue on the Y axis it goes into full ESTOP and throws the codes.
• I have also loaded an old job to try and cut, It did cut without issues on all tool changes...... Only to try it again and failed on second tool loading.
• I have removed the two connectors on the front of the router and verified pins and connections, The connections themselves are not the greatest as they seem to have a little play in them.

• I checked all plugs on the table for proper seating etc...
• I have check for possible wires rubbing from the spindle to controller
• I reseated the boards that I had access to
• I did a system restore just incase something was corrupted
Not sure where to look next
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