Virtual Service

Service is Virtually Instant

Virtual ServiceA system called "Virtual Service" is provided for members of the Advanced Support Program. "Virtual Service" is a powerful audio and video link, using a standard phone line, between the customer's 91000 SuperControl and the Thermwood service department. When the "Virtual Service" link is established, the customer can see and talk to the Thermwood service technician and the service technician can see, not only the customer, but also all of the critical parameters of the control. It essentially gives the service technician as much information as standing in front of the customer's control itself. Through this link, the control can be diagnosed in real-time while programs are being executed and corrections can be made. Programming errors can be found and corrected on-line. Customers can typically handle many mechanical problems if they are shown what to do, so videos can be launched by the Thermwood technician to be viewed by the customer. "Virtual Service" can effectively handle most difficulties and problems that occur. Virtual ServiceThis reduces or possibly eliminates a costly service trip, when resolved by a simple phone call. It provides service in minutes instead of days or weeks, reducing both downtime and frustration.