Control Nesting Update
IMPORTANT: As of version 5.60 and on you MUST have Profile Modeler installed to update Control Nesting. You must also have THM (Windows 2000 system version - 5.05, Build 9 or higher) OR (Windows XP Pro system version - or higher) OR (Windows 7 QCore) installed. To request a control upgrade click here.

9/18/23 - The latest version of Control Nesting is
You can download it here

(If you are running XP you may need an unsigned installer. Click here to download.)

(Crystal Report Runtime for using CNC Nest Reporting. Click here to download.)

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NOTE ON WINDOWS 2000: When updating from 5.79 or older special assistance is required. Please contact Thermwood to perform the update.

NOTE ON CARVINGS IN NEST:To have the Carving ability you must have the appropriate carving file installed. Carving files are available at click here.

Changes/Additions for v7.08 (9/18/23)

  • Ability to insert and delete tabs (ADDED)
  • Ability to save and load a nest (ADDED)
  • Option to only do roughing pass on parts that get double pass (ADDED)
  • Cabinet width, height, and depth added to database for labels (ADDED)
  • Option to separate cabinet quantities for unique labelling (ADDED)
  • Current Settings and Tooling Group displayed at bottom of dialog after nesting (ADDED)
  • Profile toolpath creating incorrect loops (FIXED)
  • UTF file format failing from CabinetVision (FIXED)
  • Flat arc case causing incorrect cutter compensation (FIXED)
  • Edge banding on labels incorrect with Rectangular Optimization and nesting closest to home (FIXED)
  • Rectangular Optimization giving error with grain grouped doors (FIXED)
  • Profiling in wrong location with Rectangular Optimization and nesting closest to home (FIXED)
  • Profiles in wrong location when manually moving a part that eCabinets flipped due to more operations on back side (FIXED)
  • Ramp in causing bad cnc code in one case with chain compin and arcs (FIXED)
  • DXF part drawing far from origin causing roughing failure (FIXED)
  • Cut through amount missing from lead in on cleanup pass of outline (FIXED)
  • Sheet Macro text amount increased (ALTERED)
  • Arc with radius near same as tool causing crash in pocketing when determining leftover (FIXED)
  • Null entries failing for CabinetVision CncRunList.txt (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.07 (12/19/2022)

Link to Download V7.07
Link to Download V7.07 for Windows XP

  • Option for setting a Single Drill Boundary. (ADDED)
  • 2 drill bank option for 32mm and 64mm spaced line bores. (ADDED)
  • Reinstated full functionality of Reverse Spindle option. (ADDED)
  • QR code labels. Requires rpt file and QR code reader. 30252_Address_RecutQR.rpt is included in the update. (ADDED)
  • Disproportional sheet prints. (FIXED)
  • Edge banding text missing from excel panel input. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.06 (11/21/2022)

Link to Download V7.06
Link to Download V7.06 for Windows XP

  • Cut Through amount for profiling tools. (ADDED)
  • Option for sorting drill operations small to large. (ADDED)
  • Option to leave skin on double pass parts on the outline roughing pass. (ADDED)
  • Additional part clearance not working for rectangular optimization. (FIXED)
  • THM software crash when sheet stage wait is not allowed to complete on auto processor systems. (FIXED)
  • Roughing tool larger than outline tool failing. (FIXED)
  • Drawing sheet prints incorrectly when small table size is used. (FIXED)
  • Recut barcodes incorrect. (FIXED)
  • DXF List parts designated with grain angle not holding value. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.05 (10/4/2022)

Link to Download V7.05
Link to Download V7.05 for Windows XP

  • Allow string values for setting Park location. (ADDED)
  • Few profiling cases found. (FIXED)
  • Pocket clamp not being obeyed on circle pockets. (FIXED)
  • Double negative occurring in CNC for a rout operation. (FIXED)
  • Ramp in cleanup causing unwanted part gouge. (FIXED)
  • THM Sync causing database locations to change. (note: You must open the File->Database Directories dialog and click OK to resolve) (FIXED)
  • Recut barcode value too small when Recut Days is set to zero. (FIXED)
  • Rectangular Optimization not nesting and/or placing labels correctly on Off-Fall and Added Sheets. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.04 (9/15/2022)

Link to Download V7.04
Link to Download V7.04 for Windows XP

  • Optimized Rectangular nesting option. Can offer better yield when parts are dominantly rectangular shaped. (available in Action menu) (ADDED)
  • Error log after nesting or write cnc. User no longer needs to search cnc program for error description. (ADDED)
  • Extra edge banding images for multiple materials (requires custom rpt) (ADDED)
  • Option to not include Off-Fall for yield calculations in Nesting Parameters. (ADDED)
  • Ramp in error on tabbed part (FIXED)
  • Part numbers missing in nest view with metric (FIXED)
  • Pocketing failure for case where tool is a tight fit (FIXED)
  • Quantities not storing correctly from Load screen with DXF parts (FIXED)
  • Grain grouped doors nesting incorrectly when non-outline operations exist (FIXED)
  • Incorrect ramp in motion on chains with small entities (FIXED)
  • Pocket leftover causing a software crash (FIXED)
  • Beta version to disable using THM cutter compensation (call Thermwood if you wish to try the feature) (FIXED)
  • MDF doors from eCabinet Systems offsetting custom exterior tool incorrectly (FIXED)
  • DXF List additional nest clearance only applying to first part (FIXED)
  • Cabinet Vision DXF being machined incorrectly when operation exist on both sides for single sided face dependant material (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.03 (5/2/2022)

Link to Download V7.03
Link to Download V7.03 for Windows XP

  • Clearance value added to DXF List. This allows additional clearance on a single or multiple parts. (ADDED)
  • Keep Off-Fall Rectangular options added. The default option is the technique used in versions prior to 7.0. (ADDED)
  • Priority option in DXF List causing unnecessary warning messages. (FIXED)
  • Bad cnc code when a ramp in occurs on existing outline vertex. (FIXED)
  • Cutter compensation incorrect when outline contains arc(s) greater than 180 degrees. (FIXED)
  • Maximum penetration not being obeyed in some profiling cases. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.02 (4/7/2022)

Link to Download V7.02
Link to Download V7.02 for Windows XP

  • Spindle not turning off during auto unload at end of last sheet. (FIXED)
  • Grouping for profiling failing due to version number checking bug. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.01 (4/6/2022)

  • Ability to set nesting Priority via the DXF Part List. (ADDED)
  • Selecting roughing tool for outlines causing software crash. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v7.0 (3/28/2022)

Link to Download V7.0
Link to Download V7.0 for Windows XP

  • Fully integrated Profile Modeler. The old Profile Modeler module is at End Of Life. This version of Control Nesting allows unlimited unique profiling region settings which obeys material groups. (ADDED)
  • Cut Through Tool Selection in Settings->Pocketing. This allows a hole operation to be done by the largest diameter tool available that fits, or by the first qualifying tool in Tooling sorted by Tooling->Operation #. (ADDED)
  • Issue with DXF file names that start with similar characters loading incorrectly. (FIXED)
  • Sheet images not loading in THM Nest View when CNC database is loaded that is created from a different machine. This fix requires THM 11.1.4 or greater. (FIXED)
  • Outlines and chains not completing cuts when pre-ramp value exceed maximum penetration value. (FIXED)
  • Canceling in Tooling->Outline->Roughing dialog not working correctly. (FIXED)
  • Keeping Off-Fall Rectangular not producing proper result. (FIXED)
  • Added Sheet name not holding value upon Apply. (FIXED)
  • Cut and Pasting parts with profiling not printing Sheet prints correctly (FIXED)
  • Crystal Reports Runtime Install removed from Control Nesting Update Install. This is used for CNC Nest Reporting. The install is available on this page and here. (ALTERED)

Changes/Additions for v6.26 (12/8/2021)

Link to Download V6.26
Link to Download V6.26 for Windows XP

  • AP43 support. (ADDED)
  • Database directories reverting back to default. (FIXED)
  • Off-fall cuts failing when outline roughing is used. (FIXED)
  • Bad outline cut at end of ramp in when entities are smaller than tool radius. (FIXED)
  • DXF arcs rotated incorrectly. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.25 (11/3/2021)

Link to Download V6.25
Link to Download V6.25 for Windows XP

  • Implemented going through all available tools (largest to smallest diameter) for pocket cut through operations. (ADDED)
  • Material database sorted by name. (ADDED)
  • Checking to insure materials are unique throughout Tooling groups. (ADDED)
  • Loaded Material dialog changes not affecting first time nesting. (FIXED)
  • No Record Found error when printing sheets if there is an empty sheet. (FIXED)
  • Keep Off-Fall Rectangular causing a crash in certain nesting results. (FIXED)
  • Chains having incomplete toolpath when no arcs exists. (proper pre-ramp depth avoided the issue) (FIXED)
  • Incorrect results when grain field is null in DXF List. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.24 (8/3/2021)

Link to Download V6.24
Link to Download V6.24 for Windows XP

  • Ability to use an angle in degrees for Grain field in DXF List. (ADDED)
  • Printing sheets while cutting causing the software to crash. (FIXED)
  • Windows XP systems failing to print labels for applying by hand from the Print dialog. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.23 (6/28/2021)

Link to Download V6.23
Link to Download V6.23 for Windows XP

  • Ramp in for outlines and chains across multiple entities. (ADDED)
  • Option to specify alternate characters to designate tool name in DXF Settings. (ADDED)
  • Max pen value smaller than skin thickness causing depth of cut issues when double pass is not performed. (FIXED)
    (note: If double pass is desired, it is recommended to always have your max pen value greater than or equal to skin thickness)
  • Grain matching problem with Excel panels. (FIXED)
  • Ignore Settings Groups causing Ignore Tooling Groups and vise versa. (FIXED)
  • More profiling issues. (FIXED)
  • Copy/Paste Groups not including all data in Tooling. (FIXED)
  • Syntax error in cnc program due to double negative --. (FIXED)
  • Selecting Material for tool group failing after first selection is applied. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.22 (3/24/2021)

Link to Download V6.22
Link to Download V6.22 for Windows XP

  • Support for printing labels via Label Recovery or Printing While Cutting with Thermwood Ultra 6. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.21 (3/22/2021)

Link to Download V6.21
Link to Download V6.21 for Windows XP

  • Profiling reported errors. (FIXED)
  • Outline second pass using parameters from the next material on final sheet of the current material. (FIXED)
  • Tabbing reported error. (FIXED)
  • CNC Report failing on Cut Centers CNC side. (FIXED)
  • Screen adjustments made for long table machines. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.20 (12/8/2020)

Link to Download V6.20
Link to Download V6.20 for Windows XP

  • Improvements to Profile Modelling operations. Many region failing cases resolved. (IMPROVED)
  • DXF arcs imported incorrectly when the enities have translations and rotations applied. (FIXED)
  • Incorrect group loading in Settings. (FIXED)
  • Auto pin calls incorrect when using a different designated flip fence location for full sheet flips. (FIXED)
  • Drill Bank Boundaries using incorrect fixture location when using a different designated flip fence location for full sheet flips. (FIXED)
  • Drill Bank Boundaries not obeying group settings. (FIXED)
  • Drill Bank Boundaries failing to work properly for sheets with flip operations. (FIXED)
  • Chain comp-in operations starting on an inside corner when using the Tabbing feature. (FIXED)
  • EZ Offfall failing. (FIXED)
  • Profiles with arcs displaying random lines. It did not affect resulting cnc program written. (FIXED)
  • Failure to load/unload sheets when auto-labeling after the cutting. (FIXED)
  • Auto labeling failing to label part correctly due to using Roughing on the outline operations. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.19 (6/9/2020)

Link to Download V6.19
Link to Download V6.19 for Windows XP

  • Parasolid rollback error on Windows XP systems. (FIXED)
  • Excel files failing on Windows XP systems. (FIXED)
  • Sheet trim on full sheet flips incorrect for pin locations in the direction of the Y axis when the trim amount is greater than the tool radius. (FIXED)
  • Material selection not working correctly when similar material names exist. (FIXED)
  • DXF Macro ability failing when using both vertex and line for designating start point. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.18 (4/27/2020)

Link to Download V6.18
Link to Download V6.18 for Windows XP

  • Ability to auto label parts after cutting. Option is available in the Sheet Options dialog when starting an auto label job. (ADDED)
  • Out of memory error when printing labels for applying by hand. (FIXED)
  • Last line feed speed not being obeyed for chains. (FIXED)
  • Back operation depth incorrect for 3D DXF parts via Solidworks. (FIXED)
  • Circular part failing to pocket an outside lip. Caused a software crash. (FIXED)
  • Optimized memory usage for profiling. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.17 (2/25/2020)

Link to Download V6.17
Link to Download V6.17 for Windows XP

  • Off-Fall getting cut into when set to rectangular (FIXED)
  • Maximum Penetration missing an operation when depth of cut to skin for double pass is the same amount as max pen. (FIXED)
  • Crystal Reports installs greater than 13.0.24 not working for cnc nest reporting. (FIXED)
  • Invalid characters being allowed when creating DXF material. (FIXED)
  • Tools with designated tool name not working correctly for certain drill operations. (FIXED)
  • Software crash for a reported pocketing issue. (FIXED)
  • Tabs not keeping consistent width. (FIXED)
  • Tabs with arc motions causing undefined characters in cnc program. (FIXED)
  • Rampin motion occurring on tab location. (FIXED)
  • Tooling Operations Edit button causing crash with Windows XP systems. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.16 (11/4/2019)

Link to Download V6.16
Link to Download V6.16 for Windows XP

  • Maximum Penetration not obeyed for custom tool profiling when the cut path is an open chain. (FIXED)
  • Profiling region failure reported. (FIXED)
  • Profiling toolpath calculation failure reported. (FIXED)
  • Roughing pass offset in the wrong direction for a reported case. (FIXED)
  • Printing labels for applying by hand later not showing manual rotated edgebanding image correctly. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.15 (10/15/2019)

Link to Download V6.15
Link to Download V6.15 for Windows XP

  • Force output to be CNC Database when auto labeling is enabled. (ADDED)
  • Profiling failing for some cases. (FIXED)
  • Tabbing cutting too deep when tab thickness is greater than material thickness. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.14 (8/12/2019)

Link to Download V6.14
Link to Download V6.14 for Windows XP

  • Reverse Spindle option removed from Tooling.
  • Ability to designate a clean up amount for outline cuts. A roughing pass will be generated and cut with a specified tool. The outline cut will have a lead in and lead out. THM 7.6 or newer is required. (ADDED)
  • Smoothing factor maintained after CNC program is ran. (ADDED)
  • Profiling operations occurring when Outline Only option is enabled. (FIXED)
  • Cabinet Vision DXF files failing to find outline when both sides of a part has operations. (FIXED)
  • 30252_Address_Symbol.rpt not working properly for THM 10 Desktop. (FIXED)
  • Load Settings/Tooling failing when Ignore Settings is enabled. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.13 (6/6/2019)

Link to Download V6.13
Link to Download V6.13 for Windows XP

  • Gradient view setting not working after restarting the application. (FIXED)
  • Arc direction not correct in certain cases when using DXF. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.12 (5/29/2019)

Link to Download V6.12
Link to Download V6.12 for Windows XP

  • Material list for groups in Settings displayed. (ADDED)
  • Option for generating a report from Control Nesting. Includes a time estimator value for each sheet which requires THM version 10.3.6 or newer. (ADDED)
  • More sorting abilities for APM insert operations. (ADDED)
  • DXF Settings dialog for designating alternative text to designate an operation in the layer name. (ADDED)
  • Nest Parameters and Quick Cut Settings removed from Settings dialog. They are now only in the Edit menu.(ALTERED)
  • Only relevant groups displayed in Settings and Nest Parameters. Show All option is available. (ALTERED)
  • Placement Pins settings are now global. (ALTERED)
  • DXF 3D polylines having incorrect X coordinates for (0,0,-1) extrusions. (FIXED)
  • 3D DXF not recognizing back operations vs front operations correctly. (FIXED)
  • Adding an empty sheet causing a crash after Write CNC. (FIXED)
  • Automatically Run Off-Fall placing Off-Fall incorrectly. (FIXED)
  • Sheet trimming incorrect for sheet flips when tool diameter is exactly 0.375". (FIXED)
  • Check to view Manual Nest Toolbar working incorrectly. (FIXED)
  • Max Penetration not working for some profiling operation cases. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.11 (2/20/2019)

Link to Download V6.11
Link to Download V6.11 for Windows XP

  • Tool Operations edit dialog for reordering, cut/copy/paste, and erasing tooling operations. (ADDED)
  • Ctrl-Arrow keys for hotkey scrolling with groups and operations in Tooling. Ctrl-Up/Down arrows scroll operations. Ctrl-Left/Right arrows scroll groups. (ADDED)
  • Front and Back side messages during cutting changed to A and B sides terminology. (ALTERED)
  • Pocket tooling error message incorrect for metric. (FIXED)
  • Scrap cuts not using cut through amount. (FIXED)
  • No Current Record error when tabbing parts with arcs on perimeter when outline cuts use different direction for non-final pass. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.10 (1/8/2019)

Link to Download V6.10
Link to Download V6.10 for Windows XP

  • Case where extremely flat arc on perimeter of part causing pocket routine to fail. (FIXED)
  • Off-Fall labels printing incorrectly or missing. (FIXED)
  • Manual rotate and translate causing profiles to be out of place. (FIXED)
  • Profile cuts missing with jobs containing multiple materials. (FIXED)
  • Profile cuts failing in some reported cases. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.09 (12/3/2018)

Link to Download V6.09
Link to Download V6.09 for Windows XP

  • Ability to alter part list columns for nested sheet prints. (ADDED)
  • When designating a tool name in DXF layers, you can now use a period in place of the brackets. This added feature is due to Cabinet Vision not allowing brackets. (ADDED)
  • Ability to resize the Load dialog. (ADDED)
  • Increased precision for variables supplied via User Defined Operations. (ENHANCED)
  • Reversed nested sheet order not printing nested sheets properly for Off-Fall and Added Sheets. (FIXED)
  • Some leftover corners not getting machined with pockets. (FIXED)
  • Auto labeling printing incorrect labels when used outside of Control Nesting. (FIXED)
  • User Defined Operation settings not saving with Save Settings/Tooling file. (FIXED)
  • Pocketing scenario causing a software crash. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.08 (9/26/2018)

Link to Download V6.08
Link to Download V6.08 for Windows XP

  • Loaded Materials dialog appears when negative sheet width or length is set in Excel panel spreadsheet. (ADDED)
  • Support for famebuilder type machines to support simultaneous loading/unloading procedures. (ADDED)
  • Export extension ".cn" added to aid it sending export in emails. (ALTERED)
  • THM graph not working when automatic labelling is enabled. (FIXED)
  • Scrap Part Recovery failing. (FIXED)
  • DXF files causing excessive Write CNC processing. (FIXED)
  • Invalid argument error when pocket tools are not available. (FIXED)
  • Large jobs using single part flip operations causing a software crash. (FIXED)
  • Double pass parts not cutting correctly when tab thickness is less than skin setting. (FIXED)
  • Some profiling cases failing. (FIXED)
  • Profiles inverting when the cut path is a circle. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.07 (7/12/2018)

Link to Download V6.07
Link to Download V6.07 for Windows XP

  • Profiles displaying in the nest and on printed sheets. This can be disabled in Screen Properties. (ADDED)
  • User Defined Operations via eCabinet Systems version 6.2.2. (ADDED)
  • Dove tail parts causing Faile to Create Toolpath Sheet Body error. (FIXED)
  • Auto printing labels during Write CNC failing. (FIXED)
  • Last part in the list for a cabinet not getting a priority value from the cabinet level in Priorities. (FIXED)
  • Dados cutting via the pocketing routine extending the cut too far past the part when large tools are specified for pocketing in metric. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.06 (4/11/2018)

Link to Download V6.06
Link to Download V6.06 for Windows XP

  • Functionality for Thermwood Aerospace Panel Machine. (ADDED)
  • Dove tail tenons not getting cut down to thickness prior to perimeter routing. (FIXED)
  • Metric values incorrect in dialogs for Priorities and Manual Nest. (FIXED)
  • Print labels for applying by hand failing with THM 10 Desktop. (FIXED)
  • Nesting Parameters not setting properly for group settings when accessed via Edit menu. (FIXED)
  • Leftover not getting found and machined in pockets. (FIXED)
  • Multiple cases where multiple pockets tools designated causes software crash. (FIXED)
  • Profiling not rotated and translated correctly for manual nest manipulations. (FIXED)
  • Single part flip operations not Writing CNC. (FIXED)
  • Parts with a large amount of pockets not highlighting green when selected (always red). (FIXED)
  • Recut days not saved as a global setting. (FIXED)
  • Auto Offfall Quick Cut setting causing nest off the table. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.05 (2/14/2018)

Link to Download V6.05
Link to Download V6.05 for Windows XP

  • Ability to prioritize items in the nest by job, cabinet, and item. This can aid in grouping items together for desired nested result. (ADDED)
  • Ability to reverse nested sheet order. (ADDED)
  • Part width/length determined incorrectly for Cabinet Vision DXF. (FIXED)
  • Crash on odd shaped part with tabbing. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.04 (11/6/2017)

Link to Download V6.04
Link to Download V6.04 for Windows XP

  • Macro operations displaying incorrectly in nest. (FIXED)
  • Variable data missing in macro operation. (FIXED)
  • Older THM syntax error due to print statement too long. (FIXED)
  • Tolerance too large for DXF with small entities. (FIXED)
  • Change in Z not working for KCD software doors. (FIXED)
  • Write CNC not erroring when the CNC directory does not exist. (FIXED)
  • Manually rotating parts does not correctly rotate edge banding image on labels. (FIXED)
  • Manually rotating parts not refreshing the screen. (FIXED)
  • Cabinet Vision through cut operations on back side of parts not displaying correctly. (FIXED)
  • Out of bounds error for sheet smaller than pin locations requiring full sheet flip. (FIXED)
  • Tool not found error when tool exists for drills. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.03 (9/11/2017)

Link to Download V6.03
Link to Download V6.03 for Windows XP

  • Ability to designate a custom macro location via DXF. (ADDED)
  • Extra parenthesis in comment causing EIA block error for older machines. (FIXED)
  • Scrap Part Recovery causing ResultPartIDGrainGroupIDMap error. (FIXED)
  • Focus not maintained on sheet number combo box for Windows 10. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.02 (8/21/2017)

Link to Download V6.02
Link to Download V6.02 for Windows XP

  • Case where error 'Failed to create Toolpath Sheet Body' occurs. (FIXED)
  • Unselecting and reselecting causing rotation of parts to behave incorrectly. (FIXED)
  • Some cases where multiple tools for pocketing causing crash in leftover calculations. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.01 (6/19/2017)

Link to Download V6.01
Link to Download V6.01 for Windows XP

  • Ability to manually manipulate the nest. See Manual Nesting topic in the manual. (ADDED)
  • Scrap Part Recovery positioning off the table when chain operations exist. (FIXED)
  • Not removing material with outline tool prior to machining male dove tail tenons on large parts. (FIXED)
  • Male dove tail not obeying group settings. (FIXED)
  • Unload option missing ENDIF code. (FIXED)
  • Wrong shape error when nesting with single part flips and pocketscrewdrill is not designated. (FIXED)
  • Incorrect values set for Auto Roller option on metric machines. (FIXED)
  • Auto vacuum not disabling when using Clear Table message option. (FIXED)
  • Enhanced pocketing causing cutting operations to occur where clamps exist for drill holes. (FIXED)
  • Incorrectly determining width and length on parts consisting of arcs. (FIXED)
  • Cutting down to skin not occurring on parts when Scrap Cuts are enabled. (FIXED)
  • All nested sheets not printing from Label Recovery dialog Print Sheet(s) option. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v6.0 (3/20/2017)

Link to Download V6.0
Link to Download V6.0 for Windows XP

  • Quick Cut settings are now made global. (ALTERED)
  • Ability to install multiple versions of THM Desktop. (ADDED)
  • Cut centerline lines via DXF with changes in Z. (ADDED)
  • Start point option via DXF. (ADDED)
  • Options for prompting at unload for each sheet or just last sheet. (ADDED)
  • Pre and Post Macro insertion for load and unload. (ADDED)
  • Problem with adding DXF List jobs when the Load screen already contains parts. (FIXED)
  • Scrap cuts lost after printing labels for applying by hand. (FIXED)
  • CabinetVision DXF parts with double sided material and more operations on the backside causing CabPartMap error. (FIXED)
  • Quick Cut print question dialog popping up when unnecessary. (FIXED)
  • Double pass and leave skin settings not obeying group settings. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.98 (12/9/2016)

Link to Download V5.98
Link to Download V5.98 for Windows XP

  • Pocket screw drill operations missing tool call. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.97 (12/1/2016)

Link to Download V5.97
Link to Download V5.97 for Windows XP

  • When running full sheet flips using the sheet trim at pin locations, if the material doesn't touch all pin locations, Control Nesting will use the 2 edge technique. (ADDED)
  • Change the single pass tenon cut operation so that it now uses G41/G42 cutter compensation. (ALTERED)
  • Last line feed speed being used when the current feed speed is slower. This caused an unwanted increase in feed rate on the last line. (FIXED)
  • Ignore groups in Tooling causing ignore groups in Settings whether or not the ignore groups in Settings was checked. (FIXED)
  • Inch unit symbol " on cabinet name causing AFL error when cutting. (FIXED)
  • Tool name pocketscrewdrill not obeying exclusive setting in Tooling. (FIXED)
  • Void number down arrow causing a crash in Add Sheets. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.96 (11/1/2016)

Link to Download V5.96
Link to Download V5.96 for Windows XP

  • Feed speeds must be entered in the same format as the machine (Imperial or Metric). Proper unit designators are displayed to the right of the entry box. (ADDED)
  • Problem from Min Feed Rate not being obeyed when machine is in different units than Control Nesting. A change in 5.95 was incorrect for this problem. (FIXED)
  • WARNING!!! If you run Control Nesting in a format different than the machine you MUST insure the minimum feed value is set correctly for all group settings.

Changes/Additions for v5.95 (10/31/2016)

Link to Download V5.95
Link to Download V5.95 for Windows XP

  • Dovetail settings for Rout/Dado tool in Tooling displaying incorrectly. (FIXED)
  • Angled cuts occurring on part perimeters with tabbing using arc motion. (FIXED)
  • Scrap Recovery parts not cutting flip operations in correct location. (FIXED)
  • [INITAFL] not getting called for specific THM versions when it should be called. (FIXED)
  • Pocket clean up pass not obeying cut direction. (FIXED)
  • Minimum feed rate not in imperial like all other feed rate settings. Feed rate should always be input as Imperial even if metric is the setting. (FIXED)
  • Cut through amount not applied for dados in metric. (FIXED)
  • Auto vacuum not turning off when Clear Table message is not used. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.94 (8/22/2016)

Link to Download V5.94
Link to Download V5.94 for Windows XP

  • Option to prompt user prior to every unloading procedure on the Auto Processer. (ADDED)
  • Labels not placing in center of parts when nesting on Added Sheets or Off-Fall. (FIXED)
  • SHEETWIDTH and SHEETLENGTH machine variables not set correctly when nesting on Added Sheets or Off-Fall. (only relavent on AP machines) (FIXED)
  • Cabinet Vision DXF jobs performing operations as back side of sheet rather than front side when 2 DXF files per part exist. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.93 (8/9/2016)

Link to Download V5.93

  • Option in Tabbing to use arc motion for the tab. This results in a non-rectangular tab which provides smoother machine motion to avoid burning the material. (ADDED)
  • Parts consisting of two DXF files and multiple dado depths from Cabinet Vision causing No Current Record Found error. (FIXED)
  • Back side operations cutting last rather than first for Cabinet Vision DXF jobs. (FIXED)
  • Profiles on parts with double sided material not machining full depth. (FIXED)
  • Unnecessary calls to U0 and V0 when only Table 1 is used. (FIXED)
  • Failure occurring for Auto Processors with Labeling Machine when Automatically Continue to Next Sheet is unchecked. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.92 (7/12/2016)

Link to Download V5.92

  • Use material dimensions from the material database (if available) when using DXF List and sizes are specified in the spreadsheet as -1. (ADDED)
  • Minimized machine motion for trimming a sheet near pins when running full sheet flips. (MODIFIED)
  • Automatic labeling failing to use center of part for placement in metric. (FIXED)
  • Start entity not working in DXF when multiple operations are on the same layer. (FIXED)
  • Failing to find appropriate start point in metric for an outline. (FIXED)
  • Nest display not showing correct corner when only table 2 is used. (FIXED)
  • Recuts using incorrect pocket tool size and depth in metric. (FIXED)
  • Material selection filter not showing all materials. (FIXED)
  • DXF List failing to load with xls format. (FIXED)
  • Error when loading more than 128 unique cabinets via eCabinets. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.91 (4/18/2016)

Link to Download V5.91

  • Option to add or subtract a specified amount to a drill tool in Tooling when the hole is not through the material. (ADDED)
  • Non-Exclusive option for tool with Tool Name specified in Tooling. This allows this tool to be selected for operations that meet all requirements but does not have a tool name specified in the job. (ADDED)
  • Option in DXF for 'plunge' in the centerline layer name. This eliminates the ramp-in motion for centerline. (ADDED)
  • Grain option in DXF List now accepts boolean values T, F, true, false, Y, N, yes, & no. They are not case sensitive. (MODIFIED)
  • Quick Cut Options - Print Labels prior to Write CNC causing a software crash. (FIXED)
  • Auto vacuum not turning off vacuum when unload rake is used. (FIXED)
  • Centerline routs using outline ramp-in value instead of rout ramp-in value. (FIXED)
  • DXF part name not being used from DXF List spreadsheet when provided via csv format. File name was being used. (FIXED)
  • Material size dialog not appearing when material size provided via xls DXF List is zero. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.90 (1/7/2016)

Link to Download V5.90

  • Same entities now allowed for DXF when they exist in different layers. (MODIFIED)
  • Parts not nesting on full sheets when 'Only Use Added/Off-Fall Sheets When Available' is enabled and the parts are for a material that does not have Added Sheets or Off-Fall. (FIXED)
  • Quick Cut failing with syntax error. (FIXED)
  • Pocket cut through failure submitted by customer. (FIXED)
  • DXF List mixing parts in jobs when the spreadsheet records are not grouped by job. (FIXED)
  • Cabinet numbers altered when recuts are performed. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.89 (11/10/2015)

Link to Download V5.89

  • Settings - Tool Change Pre/Post Macros for adding macros (or any text) before and/or after each tool change call. (ADDED)
  • Ability to keep Scrap Part Recovery setting on. Now you must disable the feature manually with the check box in the Load Screen. (MODIFIED)
  • Parts increasing in size when returning to Load screen in Metric. (FIXED)
  • Profiling flip operations incorrect on Added Sheets and Off-Fall. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.88 (10/29/2015)

Link to Download V5.88

  • Options to designate data field locations in Excel and DXF List spreadsheets. (ADDED)
  • Ability to designate OffFall, History, and Material database locations. (ADDED)
  • Drill break through setting in Tooling. (ADDED)
  • Ability to print images from CabinetVision on labels. (ADDED)
  • Pocketing gouging the part when more than 2 tools are used for a pocket. (FIXED)
  • Undefined characters in CNC program with single part flips have pocketscrew operations. (FIXED)
  • Auto vacuum not working properly for Scrap Part Recovery. (FIXED)
  • Max Feed Size not working for through chain cuts. (FIXED)
  • Tabs not cutting properly when the tab thickness is equal or greater than material thickness. (FIXED)
  • Excessive tool changes for cases when single pass blind tenon cuts are involved. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.87 (8/13/2015)

Link to Download V5.87

  • Profiling on grained group parts not located correctly. Other scenarios not involving grouping failing as well. (FIXED)
  • 'Longest Part Orientation Along Table X Axis' for Roller Hold Down failing to rotate part. (FIXED)
  • Parts with only profiles not writing cnc when 'No Outline Cuts' is enabled. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.86 (7/7/2015)

Link to Download V5.86

  • Option to perform profile modeling after outline cuts. (ADDED)
  • Option to not apply cut through depth amount per tool. (ADDED)
  • More meaningful message when no outline cuts option is enabled and nest only contains outline cuts. (ADDED)
  • Display Off-Fall ID and Added Sheet name when loading material during run time and on printed sheets. (ADDED)
  • Tabbing failing with certain tool diameters and skinny parts. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.85 (6/9/2015)

Link to Download V5.85

  • Option to run Auto Processor 2 without labeling parts. (ADDED)
  • Auto Roller option available for roller hold down machines. (ADDED)
  • KCD job causing No Record Found error. (FIXED)
  • Out of bounds error occurring when Off-Fall is enabled and part quantities are altered in certain scenarios. (FIXED)
  • Scrap part recovery causing a software crash. (FIXED)
  • Part containing large radius arcs getting cut into. (FIXED)
  • Profiling on back side of nested sheet not recognized when Added Sheet is created and full sheet flips are enabled. Full sheet flips are not allowed with Added Sheets or Off-Fall. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.84 (4/23/2015)

Link to Download V5.84

  • Ramp in not occurring on longest entity. (FIXED)
  • Last line feed speed not occurring when last motion is an arc. (FIXED)
  • Dados not cutting correct in metric when using the pocketing method. (FIXED)
  • CPOUT files not loading correct part quantities. (FIXED)
  • CPOUT files not loading correctly for metric. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.83 (4/6/2015)

Link to Download V5.83

  • Heavy Cut option in Pocketing for more detailed machining. (ADDED)
  • Ability to clamp areas in pockets via DXF. (ADDED)
  • Maximum penetration causing carving to be machined too many times. (FIXED)
  • Ramp in missing in some cases when 'Climb with Outline Non-Final Pass Conventional' OR 'Conventional with Outline Non-Final Pass Climb' is selected. (FIXED)
  • Tools with custom tool name applied getting used for pocketing when they should not. (FIXED)
  • Chain in operations cutting into corner in some cases. (FIXED)
  • Pockets resulting in multiple spiral regions not obeying inside to outside for every region. (FIXED)
  • Vacuum disabling before machine is home and spindle is turned off causing issues on machines that sense for vacuum to run. (FIXED)
  • No Current Record error occurring in some cases when 'Climb with Outline Non-Final Pass Conventional' OR 'Conventional with Outline Non-Final Pass Climb' is selected. (FIXED)
  • Parts with large radius arcs failing to compensate in correct direction. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.82 (1/28/2015)

Link to Download V5.82

  • Auto Vacuum settings changed to accept cnc code to support multiple vacuum zones under 1 sheet. (ALTERED)
  • Outline final pass in opposite direction causing Microsoft Jet error. (FIXED)
  • Tenons pockets created with Part Editor (in eCabinet Systems) causing part to get cut into. (FIXED)
  • Single part flip operations pocket tool calls out of order. (FIXED)
  • Dovetail drawer box parts leaving skin when they should not. (FIXED)
  • Sheet prints having too large of a drawing and list into the left margin. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.81 (12/22/2014)

Link to Download V5.81

  • Ability to use only table 2 on dual table machines. (ADDED)
  • Ability to cut only non outline operations. (ADDED)
  • Auto Vacuum option for dual table machines. (ADDED)
  • Clean history button in Settings. (ADDED)
  • Outlines with arcs causing part to get cut incorrectly when 'Climb with Outline Non-Final Pass Conventional' OR 'Conventional with Outline Non-Final Pass Climb' is selected. (FIXED)
  • Correct tool not found in some cases for pocketing dados. (FIXED)
  • Custom tool name not working for drill layers in DXF. (FIXED)
  • Option for Length Axis Y applying fixture offsets which do not coinside with settings. Machines with this option that require X or Y shift offsets must re-configure this setting to work properly. (FIXED)
  • Air assist not turning off prior to auto vacuum on. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.80 (10/27/2014)

Link to Download V5.80

  • Perform pocketing routine on dados when an appropriate size dado tool is not available. (ADDED)
  • Off-Fall setting not applying correctly. (FIXED)
  • Auto vacuum not working for all configurations. (FIXED)
  • Climb with Outline Non-Final Pass Conventional and Conventional with Outline Non-Final Pass Climb causing loss of motions when perimeter starts on an arc. (FIXED)
  • Custom tool not obeyed with MDF doors. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.79 (9/22/2014)

Link to Download V5.79

  • Perform blind dado tenon cut down in one pass if tool diameter is large enough. (ADDED)
  • Option for auto vacuum in Settings. (ADDED)
  • Options to run non-final outline pass in opposite direction to avoid tool deflection issue where a lip is left on part edge. (ADDED)
  • Jobs containing pocket screw operations causing crash during Write CNC. (FIXED)
  • Auto vacuum not operating properly for single part flip operations on Auto Processor. (FIXED)
  • Rectangular pockets performing excessive motion when pocket is on edge of part. (FIXED)
  • Part operations on incorrect side for Cabinet Vision jobs via DXF List. (FIXED)
  • Spindle speed setting before tool call to avoid incorrect speed. (FIXED)
  • Drawer box parts with male dove tail tenons not getting tabbed. (FIXED)
  • Off-Fall perimeter cut too close to parts in the nest. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.78 (2/17/2014)

Link to Download V5.78

  • Support for grain matching across cabinets. (requires eCabinet Systems 6.0 Build 12) (ADDED)
  • Support for pocket screw construction. See manual for tooling setup. (requires eCabinet Systems 6.0 Build 12) (ADDED)
  • Misc fields not setting when auto labeling is designated from program written by other software. (FIXED)
  • Edgebanding text designation from excel not rotating properly. (FIXED)
  • Excessive tool changes with multiple profiles in nest. (FIXED)
  • Use of tool number 999 causing G26ZW call incorrectly. (FIXED)
  • Profiles incorrect on parts that were cut smaller than original bounds with Part Editor in eCabinet Systems. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.77 (11/4/13)

Link to Download V5.77

  • AFL errors due to bad syntax on older THM versions when performing full sheet flips. (FIXED)
  • Designating a job name in DXF List causing parts to not nest. (FIXED)
  • Auto labeling failing on Off-Fall. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.76 (9/5/13)

Link to Download V5.76

  • Auto labeling support for SigmaNest and MasterCAM. (ADDED)(Requires THM 8.5.5 or newer)
  • Support for reporting information to Thermwood CNC Mobile. (ADDED)
  • Ability to start cutting the pre-labeled last sheet of a job after a stop with the Auto Processor machine. (ADDED)
  • Part operations not located on correct side for Cabinet Vision DXF List. (FIXED)
  • FMT error when using THM Override for older version support. (FIXED)
  • Offfall barcode missing on labels. (FIXED)
  • Markem-Imaje ink jet printer mounted on machine integration bugs and improvements. (FIXED)
  • QuickCut fails on metric machines. (FIXED)
  • Sheet header not being inserted before flip operations on a full sheet flip when Auto Labeling is enabled. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.75 (7/9/13)

Link to Download V5.75

  • Support for Markem-Imaje ink jet printer mounted on machine running from DXF. (ADDED)
  • Profile modeling tool order incorrect. (FIXED)
  • Leave Skin button in THM Nested Base View progress window not working. (FIXED)
  • Group Settings numbers greater than 9 not working when group name in the file name. (FIXED)
  • DXF parts from CabinetVision machining mirrored. (FIXED)
  • Material Selection Filter failing in Load screen. (FIXED)
  • Tabbing not respecting group settings. (FIXED)
  • Chain operations getting skipped. (FIXED)
  • Added Sheets not trimming properly for full sheet flips. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.74 (3/18/13)

Link to Download V5.74

  • New start dialog when running a program with auto labeling. Options for auto labeling without cutting as well as cutting only 1 sheet and not continuing to the next. This is only available for THM 8.3.0 or newer. (ADDED)
  • Option for saving Off-Fall without cutting it's perimeter. (ADDED)
  • Auto labeling with Auto Processor using the Label Machine. (ADDED)
  • Auto labeling with machine (Thermwood router). (ADDED)
  • Option in Label Recovery dialog for printing only labels that were not auto placed in Control Nesting. (ADDED)
  • Print - Auto Option - Print Per Sheet When Cutting for label printing now allows the use of any Crystal Report file available with update. (ADDED)
  • Print - Auto Option - Print Per Sheet When Cutting for label printing now allows setting the printer to use. (ADDED)
  • Label Printer Tools dialog in THM for setting label parameters and moving gantry to restock printer. (ADDED)
  • Label counter displayed in THM status for auto labeler configurations. (requires Datamax printer) (ADDED)
  • Load screen now sorts by cabinet number. (ADDED)
  • Parts missing from print outs and getting cut through due to Off-Fall calculation failure. (FIXED)
  • Group Doors & Drawer Fronts causing array limit error in metric. (FIXED)
  • Long variable names causing errors in CNC program for older versions of THM. (FIXED)
  • A line bore with 2 drills causing a lock up. (FIXED)
  • Ramp in not cleaned up on chain operations. (FIXED)
  • Through cut dados not obeying cut through amount in metric. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.73 (10/25/12)

Link to Download V5.73

  • Ability to set a THM version for Control Nesting to recognize. This give the ability to have Control Nesting write code for versions of THM that are not the currently installed version. (ADDED)
  • Ability to disable printing barcodes on sheet printout that can be used for label recovery in THM. This is only available for THM 8.3.0 or newer. (ADDED)
  • Option in File menu to Save or Load settings and tool information in a single file. (*.cst)(ADDED)
  • Hand Select Sheet option now available. If a sheet has a part with a ~ character in the name or a grain group a message will pop up to inform the operator that the sheet needs special attention when selected for loading. This option can be enabled in Nesting Parameters (ADDED)
  • Multiple lines can now be added to Sheet Macros. (ALTERED)
  • Optimized perimeter calculations for grouped doors/drawer fronts having grain angles which are not a multiple of 90°. (IMPROVED)
  • Tool Name feature in DXF not working for Pocket or Chain operations. (FIXED)
  • Error finding part in Flip Op Array occurring when Scrap Part Recovery is used. (FIXED)
  • Cut direction incorrect for outline cuts on parts with tabbing. (FIXED)
  • Scrap Part Recovery failing to Write CNC causing THM crash. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.72 (9/12/12)

Link to Download V5.72

  • Ability to cut scrap based on maximum scrap width and length. (ADDED)
  • Ability to cut Off-Fall as rectangles. (ADDED)
  • Ability to enable/disable prompting for unloading sheets. (ADDED)
  • In THM 8.3.0 and newer an option for printing labels per part or sheet is available in the Control Options menu. This option is called Label Recovery. (ADDED)
  • Ability to designate CNC output as a CNC Database for Label Recovery use. (ADDED)
  • Ability to designate a tool by name in DXF. (ADDED)
  • Support for CabinetVision DXF using CNCRUN#.txt file. (ADDED)
  • THM override setting moved to dynamic.ini to avoid group settings conflicts. This value is useful for THM desktop users that have a machine with a different THM version. (ALTERED)
  • Ramp in not getting cut during max penetration passes. (FIXED)
  • Cut through amount getting added to max penetration passes. (FIXED)
  • Grouping failing. This fix requires having eCabinetSystems 6.0 Build 9 or newer. (FIXED)
  • Inset carvings rotated improperly. This fix requires having eCabinetSystems 6.0 Build 9 or newer. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.71 (4/11/12)

Link to Download V5.71

  • Tooling Tolerance value not saving. (FIXED)
  • Flip operations cutting a front side of sheet when single part flip operation cutting is set. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.70 (3/27/12)

  • Tooling not correct when updating to 5.69. (FIXED)
  • Full sheet flip operations cutting a front side operation on the back side of the sheet. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.69 (3/15/12)

  • Ability to group settings. Now settings can be specified for a particular tooling group. (ADDED)
  • Ability to have a group used based on file name that is loaded. If the file name has (Group #) right before the decimal point then that group will be used. (ADDED)
  • Control Nesting now checks the dado layer to insure they consist of only 4 lines and prevent errors later. (ADDED)
  • Option to disable the "Clear Table" messsage between sheets. (ADDED)
  • Option to print sheets and/or labels for a particular sheet at cut time. The printing occurs for a sheet right before it starts cutting. Currently only the 30252_Address_SINGLESHEET.RPT file is available for labels with this option. Other formats will be craeted upon request. (ADDED)(Requires THM 7.6 or newer)
  • Custom Drill Bank settings failing for the Y axis line bores. (FIXED)
  • Double negative occuring in CNC program when skin thickness is greater than material. (FIXED)
  • Using a header with Excel spreadsheet for panel input failing. (FIXED)
  • Edgebanding text getting lost from 20/20 cab file for Job Level Interface. (FIXED)
  • Pocketing failing for boundaries with arcs in metric. (FIXED)
  • Metric dimensions incorrect in Load Screen from DXF. (FIXED)
  • Profiling cutting too deep on flip side of parts. (FIXED)
  • Profiling not occurring on face frame parts when you close/restart/nest/write cnc. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.68 (1/30/12)

  • Problem with with Nesting hanging at the end of the Drawing Results progress. This resulted in excessive time to complete Nest as well as a Not Responding message from Windows. (FIXED)
  • Loading Excel spreadsheet causing Numeric Field Overflow error. (FIXED)
  • The 2nd table not calling the correct fixture offset when Flip Ops First feature is used on a Dual Table machine. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.67 (1/4/12)

  • Custom Drill option for banks other than 3 or 5. (ADDED)
  • Ability to set a Park position between sheets for Dual Table machines. (ADDED)
  • Ability to set pin locations for Flip Ops First on Dual Table machines. (ADDED)
  • Door/Drawer Front grouping in correctly. (FIXED)
  • Skins not getting removed from double pass parts. (FIXED)
  • Grouped Door/Drawer Fronts not displaying properly on screen in Metric. (FIXED)
  • Cut through on pockets causing circle motions. (FIXED)
  • Back side operations not printing arcs correctly on sheet printouts. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.66 (9/5/11)

  • Ability to only nest on Off-Fall or Added Sheets if they are loaded. This option can be enabled in the Settings->Nesting Parameters dialog. (ADDED)
  • Ability to keep parts with flip operations together in the nest. This option can be enabled in the Settings->Nesting Parameters dialog. (ADDED)
  • EZ Offall - This feature gives an easier method for entering OffFall for use. With the addition of this comes the ability for Control Nesting to hold what is loaded. If the OffFall or Added Sheet is not used then the sheet will still be loaded the next time Control Nesting is started. (ADDED)
  • Voids not rotating with Added Sheet when the rotate option is used. (FIXED)
  • Added ability to designate no flip parts on Added Sheets or OffFall when using the flip sheet feature. This is offered due to the fact that most times extra sheets have non-rectangular shapes which are impossible to place to the fence when flipping. (ADDED)
  • Removed the Save button in the Add Sheet dialog. Now when an Added Sheet is created it is automatically saved. (ALTERED)
  • Option to enable or disable pocket boundary capping on DXF parts. See manual for more info. (ADDED)
  • Ignoring horizontal operations from CabinetVision jobs. (FIXED)
  • Main display now shows sheet in appropriate corner based on fixture settings. (FIXED)
  • Load dialog Material Selection Filter not working properly for DXF Lists and *.cab files. (FIXED)
  • Auto Air Assist not being called when Flip Ops First is enabled and sheet needs to be flipped from back to front. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.65 (3/24/11)

  • Pocket operations causing crash on DXF parts. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.64 (3/17/11)

  • Job Level Interface failing for CabinetVision data. (FIXED)
  • Pocketing routine version update. (ADDED)
  • Pocketing tolerance setting removed. (ALTERED)

Changes/Additions for v5.63 (2/17/11)

  • Not retracting and causing cuts through parts when Max Penetration is met. (FIXED)
  • Dovetail drawers causing lock up when Writing CNC. (FIXED)
  • Quantities greater than one causing unnested parts error message. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.62 (2/9/11)

  • New tabbing feature. See manual section Settings -> Tabbing Parts. (ADDED)
  • Option to only nest on Added or Off-Fall sheets. See manual section Settings -> Nesting Parameters. (ADDED)
  • Ability to add rectangular voids by specifying width, height, & center point to Added or Off-Fall sheets. (ADDED)
  • Grouped Doors and Drawer Fronts overlapping in the nest. (FIXED)
  • Outline operations missing in CNC program when Chain operations exist. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.61 (12/14/10)

  • Version 5.60 not running on Windows 2000 machines. (FIXED)
  • Dado ramp-in length not correct in Metric. (FIXED)
  • Double Z motions occurring on one line when double pass is used without perform through cuts last option enabled. (FIXED)
  • Failed to create Toolpath Sheet Body error occurring for parts that are drawn a large distance from origin. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.60 (12/1/10)

  • New view and layout. (ADDED)
  • Pocket boundary displayed. Previous versions only showed resulting toolpath. (ADDED)
  • Separate ramp in length value available for dados/routs in Settings. (ADDED)
  • Error finding part in Flip Op Array occurring when Outline Order is set Progress Along X. (FIXED)
  • Parts getting cut into when they are near off-fall. (FIXED)
  • Leftover calculations incorrectly finding leftover when pocket is to edge of part. (FIXED)
  • Tools designated for pocketing only getting used on dados. (FIXED)
  • Some scenarios where pocketing does not clear out the end of the pocket on the part outside edge. (FIXED)
  • Pre-ramp plunge cutting down into skin for double pass parts when the depth is a large value. (FIXED)
  • Ask to check wasteboard thickness not working for 1st sheet. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.59 (9/1/10)

Link to Download V5.59

Link to Download V5.59 Patch 3
(must have 5.59 installed)

  • Cabinet quantity acts as parent over part quantity in Load screen. (ALTERED)
  • Preramp now will plunge the depth of operation if it is less than the actual preramp depth rather than not performing a plunge at all. (FIXED)
  • Drill holes in line that have different depths getting lost. (FIXED)
  • Barbed tool option implemented. Barbed Dado is an option with eCabinet Systems Version 6.0 Build 5. To have Control Nesting recognize which tool is the barbed you must enter the word 'barbed' in Tooling in the box for Tool Name. (ADDED)
  • Flip ops first not offsetting the sheet code properly for fence locations other than the corner furthest from home. (FIXED)
  • Printing current sheet only by selecting the 'Selection' option in the Print Dialog not working. (FIXED)
  • Common part names causing parts to not get nested when using DXF Lists. (FIXED)
  • Dado cuts ramping in on short end. It now starts at center of length of dado. (FIXED)
  • Ramp in on perimeter cut not starting on longest entity. Now Control Nesting looks for longest line or arc on perimeter to start on and ramp in. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.58 (4/20/10)

  • Control Nesting main dialog and Sheet Input dialog now utilize majority of screen to offer better resolution. (ADDED)
  • Machines with 7' x 12' tables not showing all buttons in Control Nesting. (FIXED)
  • Plunge feed rate being used during ramp in on sheet trim operations when running Flip Ops First. (FIXED)
  • Part width and length getting multiplied by 25.4 an additional time for Metric when returning to the Load dialog. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.57 (4/6/10)

  • Double pass occurring for large parts in Metric. (FIXED)
  • Changes made to Sheet Input area. (see manual for details)
    • Ability to save Added Sheets. (Added)
    • Ability to Apply changes to loaded OffFall or Added Sheet. (Added)
    • Automatic Void close recoginition. There is no longer an Enter Void button. (Changed)
    • Ability to name Added Sheets by clicking on the name. (Added)
    • Dynamic rotation of Added Sheets and OffFall. Now the rotate ability directly affects the loaded item or entered data. (Altered)
    • An easier to use list control implemented in the Sheet Input area. Now single click will load the Added Sheet or OffFall as well as arrow up and down when in the control. (Added)
  • OffFalls dialog changed to OffFalls/Saved Sheets dialog.
    • Saved Added Sheets listed in the bottom list. (Added)
    • Show option available to show Loaded Material or All. (Added)
    • Ability to name Added Sheets by clicking on the name. (Added)
    • Unselected buttons removed. (Changed)

Changes/Additions for v5.56 (3/25/10)

  • Can not nest if updated to 5.55 from any version other than 5.54. (FIXED)
  • Failing to load DXF files in metric due to imperial tolerance values being used. (FIXED)
  • AFL statement error for flip operations ran individually when wasteboard is used. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.55 (3/24/10)

  • Manual Panel Input not functioning. (FIXED)
  • Double Pass Skin being left on DXF parts with Chain operations. (FIXED)
  • Sheet edge trim operations for FlipOps First not starting from Retract Height. (FIXED)
  • Dados scaling down in Metric for 20/20 jobs. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.54 (3/16/10)

  • Pocketing pin area during edge trim for FlipOps First causing out of bounds error. (FIXED)
  • SET MSGBOXANSW = 0 causing syntax error in FlipOp section of CNC. (FIXED)
  • Sheet selection option not asking for sheet entry when nest is only one sheet. (FIXED)
  • Recut history causing long delays or lock up during nesting. NOTE: Past history will be lost with this update due to this problem. Future updates will not delete history. (FIXED)
  • Pop up pins being up when loading sheet can make it difficult to avoid scratching material across them. Now messaging will ask to load before pins are raised. (ADDED)

Changes/Additions for v5.53 (2/16/10)

  • Off-Fall barcode not scanning. (FIXED)
  • Incorrect material dimensions being used to trim sheet for Flip Ops First when multiple materials are ran. (FIXED)
  • 3 Edge Trim option not selecting properly in Flip Ops First dialog. (FIXED)
  • Void entry causing application crash when Nesting. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.52 (2/3/10)

  • Recut ability is now available. Parts are stored in a history database. New Crystal Report files are available which include a barcode for scanning a part for recutting. The recut id on the labels can also be entered in the Load screen. There is more information on this feature available in the manual under Settings->Cut Parameters. (ADDED)
  • Additional fields added for DXF List. Now Edge Banding and Miscellaneous fields are available. These fields can be used for custom labels. (ADDED)
  • Part names greater than 50 characters causing load problems. (FIXED)
  • Dado operations that occur first on a sheet after the part on the previous sheet had Leave Skin feature causing cuts across sheet. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.51 (1/21/10)

  • Print to Screen not working on Win2000 machines. Now the default bmp application will be called. (FIXED)
  • Pocket tools not scrolled through to perform a pocket through cut. (FIXED)
  • MFC DLL errors on some machines when starting version 5.50. (FIXED)

Changes/Additions for v5.50 (1/13/10)

  • Invalid character in current EIA block error due to "." in line. (FIXED)
  • invalid database c:\temp\temp.twd error occurring. (FIXED)
  • G807 getting called at end of Female Dovetail operation causing radius compenstaion error. (FIXED)
  • Drills getting skipped due to no drill tool and area being below min pocket/leftover area. (FIXED)