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by Jose Trillo
Sun, Aug 01 2010, 9:16AM
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Topic: Decorative Wood Products 3D Objects
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Re: Decorative Wood Products 3D Objects

A Zilion times THANK YOU it save my mind figuring out how to.

by Jose Trillo
Thu, Oct 06 2005, 8:46PM
Forum: Customer Images
Topic: media center
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Great work well done! Finally someone from MA.... I tought I was all alone here :lol: ...where it is displayed?
by Jose Trillo
Thu, Jul 14 2005, 7:58AM
Forum: Customer Images
Topic: testing
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Great work Kerry!! :wink:

I am in MA and just to give my two cents the price range here is based in location and what is the use of it.... I would say your project shall be around 15 to 20K except if it is for a lawyer :lol:

Keep up the good work!

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