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Nested face frames puzzle joints?

Posted: Sat, Aug 25 2007, 9:43PM
by Robert Williams
I am curious if any one have successfully integrated face frame puzzle joints into projects? I could see when edge banding is not an issue it may work great on some projects. I am just interested in some feed back on the pros & cons.


Posted: Sat, Aug 25 2007, 10:54PM
by Brian Shannon
It worked good. I just don't know what level of job I would ever use it on. I made this bed for my grandson. It has 3 drawers on each side and I used the sports ball knobs.The whole bed(MDF) was cut on the router(just to prove I could). Faceframes, Drawer Fronts, cab parts, Headboard and footboard with carvings, Metabox drawer bottoms and backs.

Posted: Wed, Aug 29 2007, 9:38PM
by Mark Taylor
We've used the puzzle joint face frames for some painted projects...basically we've used 18mm Baltic Birch so there are no voids and a nice straight product.

The inside of the frame has simply been sanded and painted - a few of the pieces have been edge banded on the outside, but assembled first.