Error message lacking info

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David Egnoski
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Error message lacking info

Postby David Egnoski » Tue, Apr 16 2019, 2:28PM

It would be helpful if this dialog box contained the name of the cabinet with the problem. Any chance to get this added?

Thank you.

Error Message.pdf
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Dave Egnoski
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Thomas strembitsky
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Re: Error message lacking info

Postby Thomas strembitsky » Tue, Apr 16 2019, 4:27PM

its probably a corner cabinet with a clipped corner I get this all the time....
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Joe Soto
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Re: Error message lacking info

Postby Joe Soto » Fri, Apr 19 2019, 8:33AM

Same issue in the change materials in the room area. An error saying a constraint can't be applied and will be removed or a locked opening wont allow the change. No idea as to what part or cabinet. Probably more annoying is when that dialog pops up, it stops working until you hit ok. Sometimes changing a material takes several minutes so I walk away to do other things and come back to see the error box waiting on me. It would be nice if it would make all the possible changes and then give a list of issues similar to how the global item modification tab does.

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