Dual spindle

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Dual spindle

Postby Doug Oliver » Mon, Sep 07 2009, 8:12PM

I am required to use a G92 code in every program header. It makes things hard to bring Home, expecially after a bunch of 3D Rotary helix cuts on .200 HDPE. Thats the way I was trained. Now I have a 6" extentoin that i'm gonna have to use in a couple weeks, for a couple thousand parts and I dont know how! A crash is emminent unless I can get help!!! I hope Josh got some time on his bke, instead of being an Instructer to Knobs like me this summer. Wish him my best!!! Doug from Ameri-Kart can you hook me up with the dude that carves ice that i took the coarse with??????

Ryan Hochgesang

Re: Dual spindle

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, Sep 08 2009, 10:46AM

Hi Doug,

The G92 is a fixture offset method which can be used to redefine a new origin for a given axis relative to HOME. When you have a dual spinde router, the origin for axis 5 is defined to the straight down position for tool # that has been called if the tool # is setup properly in tool management (actuator position 1 or 2), however the router does not rotate to that position until a B axis value is executed, then the spindle will move to position the router relative to the straight down or vertical position. If the tool # is setup as 3 axis use in tool management (actuator position 3 or 4 ), then axis 5 will position the tool to straight down position when calling the tool #. I hope this helps you understand how the offsets are used when setting up a 5 axis tool. Just let us know if you have additional questions or concerns. You can also email: program@thermwood.com for programming assistance.

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