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darren m harvey
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tool numbering

Postby darren m harvey » Mon, Jun 17 2013, 8:16PM

Are there any downsides to radically changing the numbering system for tools. I've developed quite a variety of tools over the years and just numbered them consecutively. This makes for a confusing mess, and specific tools are hard to find. I occasionally find a tool I didn't remember I had.

I've developed a numbering system that makes sense to me and is expandable. But, if the tool numbers all change, what happens if I try to run an old .cnc?
Am I going to make any others problems for myself?


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Josh Rayburn
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Re: tool numbering

Postby Josh Rayburn » Tue, Jun 18 2013, 6:55AM

Hi Darren,
Yes, if you run standing code you will get unintended results. You could search the existing code files and replace the tool numbers if you wanted to.
Other than that, there's really no effect.
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Daniel Odom
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Re: tool numbering

Postby Daniel Odom » Thu, Jun 20 2013, 9:23AM

You might want to archive all of your older programs until you get a chance to comb them over for any unforeseen errors.

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