Solie MDF Doors

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Bill OConnell
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Solie MDF Doors

Postby Bill OConnell » Tue, Aug 30 2005, 3:14PM

I'm not sure if this is the right forum or eCabinets should be the one.

Has anyone used cutters to make the equivalent of a 5 panel door out of solid MDF? If so, how is that done? Is eCabinets used or another program?

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Forrest Chapman
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Postby Forrest Chapman » Tue, Aug 30 2005, 4:59PM

Hey Bill,

We make them all the time. There are simple ones that you can do on simple cad by creating a series of tool paths. Then there are complex doors that require more specific doorware like what Thermwood sells called (Panelmatrix), which I think cost 7500.00$. Better make alot of doors. Ecabs has promised a feature that would allow this more easily in V5. You can create a pattern or object and then stretch it any way and the pattern stays. I posted a wish similar to this called (smart parts).

PS There are alot of different bits and profile setups from a single pass (solo) cutter to maybe 5 or 6 passes . Call your local tooling dealer and he should know the most common and practical way for you to go.

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Jeff Norris
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Postby Jeff Norris » Tue, Aug 30 2005, 5:00PM

i believe that its going to be in the next version of ecabinets, thermwood sells a program called panel matrix that does this as well, just about any cam program will do this, artcam, mastercam,enroute, you could do this with a custom cutter and a dxf file as well.

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