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Dave Burtchell
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Tool Holder

Postby Dave Burtchell » Thu, Jun 30 2005, 10:22PM

Our CS40 is running great! I'm starting to cut most of our plywood, up to 1\" thick, at 1200 ipm. Some problems with the 18 hp Becker not holding parts even with onion skin, but it's mostly from a poor grade of ply that we cut for a customer for boat parts.

One problem I've been having lately is the #4 tool (bar style) not being put away properly. The spindle pops it out and it goes too far into the holder. I have to readjust it manually or the router won't pick it up next time. Any suggestions?


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Bill Rutherford
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Postby Bill Rutherford » Fri, Jul 01 2005, 5:35AM

A number of things could be causing this. First the spindle or the taper that receives the spindle could be dirty. Look at both for a build up of brown or black residue or a bit of rust. If you find anything use some extremly fine steel wool or woven pad (the finer the better, don't want to cause any scratches) to clean the spindle and the taper.

Second, you could be creating to much heat with your cuts, a problem that will also eventually lead to problems with the bottom of your spindle. Check your feed rates and spindle speed to make sure you are not overworking the machine.

Third, there is a setting that controls how far down the machine goes before firing the tool. To check this, remove the dust shroud and perform a tool change where you are dropping the tool in position #4 to pick up something else. If you see any flex in the toolbar as the machine is firing the tool, the head is going to far down. This is very simple to fix in one of the data tables on the machine, but I would rather let Thermwood walk you through it (its been a while for me) Call Thermwood Tech services they can help.

Hope one of these suggestions proves to be the culprit.

Bill R

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Fri, Jul 01 2005, 8:49AM

Hi Dave,

As Bill stated it could be an assortment of thins causing your tool pickup issue. Please call our Tech. Services here at Thermwood and we will be glad to go over some things with you.

#1 800 221 3865


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