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Rolling Nest

Postby Paul Ford » Mon, Jul 04 2005, 8:40PM

Hi guys,
The last couple of jobs I have run on our router have been doing something a little different. It has been cutting the smallest parts first before anything else and it is GREAT! However... it doesnt do this all of the time and I was wondering if there i anything that can be done to change this so it does it all of the time? It seems to hold the parts alot better if the rest of the sheet hasnt been cut first, it even cut parts as small as 150mm x 200mm successfully! And they were around the outer edge of the sheet!
Thanks for any tips or updates etc.

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, Jul 05 2005, 11:05AM

Hi Paul,

There is no operater control for the cut order in which control nesting chooses to post the cnc code. The one setting that allows some control over the cut order is the Perform all through cuts last option. This will leave skins for parts under the specified size and then come back and cut the qualifing parts later.

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