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Bill OConnell
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CAD Path

Postby Bill OConnell » Wed, Jul 06 2005, 3:34PM

I was trying to set up a spline to handle some curved molding. I recall from 91000 class that we used a program called CAD Path to get a smoother fit. I created my spline and checked all the points and it looked good.

I then ran CAD Path and when I went to test the program I got a \"Z axis out of bounds error\". In looking at the program it switches to absolute coordinates at the point of the spline and the Z values go below the surface of the table. I am not sure what I am missing.
Here is the CAD Path version, zipped
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Brent East
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Postby Brent East » Wed, Jul 06 2005, 4:24PM

Hi Bill,

This problem could be caused by a number of things. The best way to work through this would to be to contact us here at Thermwood to get this resolved the quickest. Please feel free to call myself at 800-533-6901 or our technical service line at 800-221-3865. Thanks.

Brent East
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