Yet another request.....

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Yet another request.....

Postby Bill Rutherford » Mon, Aug 08 2005, 5:39AM

We cut a fair amount of 1\" and 1 1/8\" material. I would really appreciate a setting that would allow me to cut the material half way through on the first pass, then cut it like normal on the second pass. I know I could \"cheat\" the onion skin setting but there are times we have small parts in the nest so we have to skin in addition to cutting half way. A setting like this would save me a fair amount of toolpathing in MasterCam. Thanks.

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Mon, Aug 08 2005, 10:27AM

Hey Bill,

We are definitely looking into an option to allow multiple depth cuts for parts in a nest. The option will probably be tied to a specific tool. No time as to when it will be out but, it is definitely in the works.

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