Strange Kitchen

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Strange Kitchen

Postby Joe Dusel » Thu, Jan 04 2007, 9:41PM

Here are a few renderings for a kitchen that I'm supposed to sign the contract for tomorrow. This is what happens when you have a client in his 20s with a California remodel. The way the California remodel works if you leave a few of the existing walls in a little clunker of a house you don't have to pay the extreme fees that you would for a new house. So, unfortunately, the walls that were left were the ones picked to put the kitchen into with lots of wierd little alcoves. I wanted to re-design the designers work, but this is the way the client wants it. I figure that after he gets married I might get to do the kitchen a second time for him.

Note the sink area. There will be a 55\" stretch of granite to the windows.


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