Grouping Parts

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Tim Wright
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Grouping Parts

Postby Tim Wright » Tue, Nov 20 2007, 9:49PM

We have grained drawer fronts that are not grouping 1,2,3 on e-cabinets but they keep nesting 1,3,2 on thermwood. why would it be doing that if could help would be great
Thanks Tim

Mark Hesketh
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Postby Mark Hesketh » Wed, Nov 21 2007, 7:12AM

Are you using the \"group\" function in ecabs? As far as I understand it, whichever order you enter the fronts in the grouping function, that is the order that they will be grouped in when nesting. In other words, make sure you \"add to group\" front 1,2, then 3.

Otherwise, if you are not using the \"group\" function in ecabs, there is no way for the controller to know that they should be kept together in any order.

Brian Anderson
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Re: Grouping Parts

Postby Brian Anderson » Wed, Apr 24 2013, 4:48PM

I am having the same problem Tim is having, but to elaborate, I HAVE checked the way i have grouped the parts meaning i have entered them in 1, 2, 3. The ecabinet software tells me it is grouped properly, the nesting diagram proves so. I take it out to the CNC and it nests out there 1, 3, 2.

I might add that other operators in the past have had problems with grouping 3 parts. Not 2 or 4 but just 3.


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