XP 64

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Paul Huff
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Re: XP 64

Postby Paul Huff » Wed, Apr 09 2008, 12:41PM

Looks like Microsoft may push Vista out and move on to Windows 7 soon.
I think I read that it will not use as much memory to run either (1 gig maybe).

Michael Yeargain
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Re: XP 64

Postby Michael Yeargain » Wed, Apr 09 2008, 1:07PM


Is the system specs in your signature line a screaming machine or is that just something you have to use.

It appears that it should run e_cabinets with out hesitation.

I was sure that Vista had so many bugs, I don't know why they even bothered with it.

A former business partner of mine sent his wife to buy a computer, without consulting me. After I saw it in the office, I told them they made a huge mistake. The two (hill billies) argued with me, telling me "it is the newest, and best available right now. I laughed at them and left the office. Needless to say I had to fork out another $400.00 for XP and waisted office time. It doesn't run portions of quick books, like the payroll.

Most intelligent people who venture out to try something, ask questions from someone who knows or is a little more educated in that field before risking a loss.
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Dean Fehribach
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Re: XP 64

Postby Dean Fehribach » Thu, Apr 10 2008, 9:30AM

Michael Yeargain wrote:Dean,

Is the system specs in your signature line a screaming machine or is that just something you have to use.<<snip>>
As the Information Systems Manager for Thermwood Corporation, demands on my computer are high. The 3.5GB memory limit of 32-bit Vista and XP and the single core Pentium 4 were getting in my way of job performance. When I got the new computer, I purchased a quad-core 64-bit Vista machine to handle the demands I put on my PC. As I've said before, I don't really use eCabinets in my job function; in fact, eCabinets will not run at all on 64-bit Vista.

All that being said, I'm quite happy with the stability of 64-bit Vista and its performance on the quad-core Dell. Only those that can be certain of application compatibility with 64-bit Vista should consider using it.
Dean Fehribach
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Nemanja Vujkovic
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Re: XP 64

Postby Nemanja Vujkovic » Fri, Apr 11 2008, 6:32AM

Dual boot system is a great option. I got a 64-bit machine with Vista ultimate amd XP, and computer runs a lot faster and better when in vista, so i go to XP only when i need eCabs!!! I also found that vista works great when blocking viruses, spam, amd similar things that can destroy computer so i did not install virus protection in vista.
Howeve, i also work on a HP laptop which has Vista home edition (which is 32-bit) and i do not like it, it's slow, it chrashes a lot,... and so on, but eCabs works just fine!

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