Feature Request - CNC Restart points

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David Hall
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Feature Request - CNC Restart points

Postby David Hall » Tue, May 31 2005, 6:35PM

It would be helpful if rolling nest would insert safe restart points in the CNC file at the beginning of every sheet with a comment that was easily searched for like \"Restart 16\" for sheet 16. I wouldn't want to confirm the wasteboard thickness for every sheet, so a jump over that part of the code would be nice. But the restart point should include the wasteboard confirmation code, and other G code necessary to turn the machine on at the begining of the day, skip to a sheet restart point, and press the start button.

I frequently skip around in the CNC program when:
- I didn't finish machining a job the previous day.
- I've included materials in the job that were for position only and shouldn't be cut.
- The delivery of plywood came in stacked with 30 sheets of another material on top of the material that rolling nest decided comes next.
- I'm shipping a job on pallets and I want the big pieces cut first for the bottom of the pile.
- The edgebander has a certain material already loaded.

David Hall
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Glenn Van Reason
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Postby Glenn Van Reason » Wed, Jun 01 2005, 1:38AM

I skip round all the time in the cnc, much due to the same problems lol. I always use the same method, load the job (using F5,F1 when I have laready nested it). Hit the green button, when it gets to the confirmation of the spoilboard I know I can skip to where I want to go. Page down looking out for


This shows up well as it is longer on the screen than the rest of the code. This code is before every sheet. I have taught our users to position the start line on the \"CLS\" and run from there, that way all the right setup code runs and the sheets are milled fine.

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Bill Rutherford
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Postby Bill Rutherford » Wed, Jun 01 2005, 5:34AM

I also skip around in the cnc programs fairly often. What I do is as follows:

Start from the begining of the program. Without a sheet on the table press start and wait until the machine gets the first tool and heads out to make the first cut.

While the bit is out over the table ready to make the first cut press block stop.

Verify you are in the main program and not a sub-routine (just watch the code)

Press F4 for program search and F4 again for string search

Enter M00 and press enter

Each time you press enter the code will move to the next sheet.

Once you have found the sheet that you need, press F10 to clear the search screen.

Scroll up a few lines to the G40 line (about 5-6 lines)

Press start, and confirm that you wish to proceed from a different line.

The machine will return home, load your next sheet and press start.

I do not use a wasteboard (preffering to cut directly on the spoilboard) so I am not sure how that may change what I have laid out above but this works very well for me.

HOWEVER, I do second David's original request, because even though what I listed above does work, it is somewhat difficult to teach a regular operator because if you are not familiar with the code you can land yourself in trouble.

Hope this helps

Bill Rutherford

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