hood vent cabinet

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hood vent cabinet

Postby wayneMacDonald » Thu, Jun 02 2005, 6:33PM

Anyone know of a good site for stl downloads. I am looking to build a very large any fancy vent cabinet, multiangles etc. Any ideas very welcome.

Cheers, Wayne

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Philip Shantz
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Postby Philip Shantz » Thu, Jun 02 2005, 7:09PM

Here's a few for a start -- there's also quite a few models posted in the old forum archives for download.
(By the way, this post probably should have been posted in the Cabinetmakers Forum in Customer 3D Files -- you'll get a lot more responses there)


http://www.us.kohler.com/tech/cadsymbol/cadsymbol.jsp (Kohler products only)

(...I think the credit for these links probably goes to Kerry, he did post a list of sites he downloads from in the old forum a few months ago...)

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