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John J. Desmond
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Digital TV

Postby John J. Desmond » Sun, Jul 26 2009, 5:59PM

I am needing to buy a new antenna for Digital reception. My rabbit ears, that was said to work fine, is not. My reception most of the time is in blocks. I am serious, the picture on the screen is in a bunch of little blocks. The sound even comes and goes. When the pictures turns to little blocks the picture jumps and I miss a bunch of the show. I think I need to put it either in the attic or outside. Any suggestions on the type of antenna? I have tried searching online but it really only gives options rather than solutions. Any help?
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Jeremy Schiffer
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Re: Digital TV

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Sun, Jul 26 2009, 9:02PM

The best thing for any TV reception is to mount a directional antenna on the roof, with a motor to rotate it. With this setup, you have a knob in your house to rotate the antenna to get the best reception for the channel you're watching. Radio Shack sells the antennae, motors, poles, roof mounting kits, wire, etc. Everything you'll need. Probably cost around $150-$200, which ain't particularly cheap, but hey, welcome to the digital age. Ain't it great? :roll:

(while I type this, there's a storm outside that has totally blotted out my digital satellite TV signal)

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