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Having fun!

Postby Francis Samson » Tue, Aug 04 2009, 5:48AM

Hey guys, been a long time i didn't sign in! Since i closed my shop :cry: year and a half ago, i didn't really used Ecab (wow i was missing it!) and found my self a new job as a master carpenter/R&D in the aircraft industry ! Ya, airplanes!
Long time since i was happy to work like this and ENJOY the salary!!!! :lol: Tho, i still have all my tools in my workshop/garage and now planning to rebuild my kitchen, yes my wife is the boss! (only when i'm not there!) So, needed my sweat little eCab to work this out, but, i'm on Vista 64bit!!!! Tks to Dean with is TUT and 64bit Patch the system is working like a rocket!!! WOW it's fast :beer:
IT WORK! Nice! Hey we never know, maybe i could recommend it to the engineer at the shop and buy a few CNC??!?! LOL Hummm interesting concept tho :)

Alright, tks guys, have fun and keep on working, the future can be build many ways!

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