Sawstop Horsepower?

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Mike Snodgrass
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Sawstop Horsepower?

Postby Mike Snodgrass » Fri, Sep 11 2009, 1:31PM

I get my cabinets cut out on a router, but I still need a limited use table saw. Has anyone tried a Sawstop? I'm wondering if we could use the 1 3/4 hp or if we should go with the 3 hp?
I know 90% will say 3hp, but I'm hoping somebody has used the 1 3/4 hp and gotten away with it.
Please let me know if there are any Sawstop users out there.

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Jeremy Schiffer
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Re: Sawstop Horsepower?

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Fri, Sep 11 2009, 10:36PM

We have a Sawstop Mike. I didn't know they made a 1 3/4 horsepower, so I can't be of any help there. I think ours is a 5hp. I think we would get by fine with the 3hp, but I really don't think the 1 3/4 would be a good choice if you're going to use it to rip solid lumber of any kind, at least on a regular basis. It'd probably be okay for plywood or melamine.

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