V5.2 Date

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Thom Davies
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V5.2 Date

Postby Thom Davies » Thu, Feb 11 2010, 4:49PM

Hows it going?

I know 5.2 is due to expire on the 1st of march but i thought i saw some where that thermwood might be thinking of extending it further. is this a maybe and if so what time would you extend it to?


Thom Davies

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Larry Epplin
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Re: V5.2 Date

Postby Larry Epplin » Fri, Feb 12 2010, 10:22AM

Yes an extension will be made available to users for 5.2 until June 1st to help users better make the transition to V6. We also plan Build 2 for V6 soon. I'm sure users have many question about Build 2, but all information will be provided when it becomes available.

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