Had Problem With Corner Cab

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Lamar Horton
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Had Problem With Corner Cab

Postby Lamar Horton » Wed, Apr 07 2010, 10:37AM

After editing an upper corner cabinet and retuning to the room layout, the program would freeze when trying to select anything in the room. I would have to force a shut down and restart. All other functions would work, nesting, cutlist etc. But moving the curser over the room would freeze the program.

After restarting the program for the umpteenth time I rendered the job, and then rotated it a little, then hit escape to be able to edit, while the room was still rotated I was then able to select and edit the cabinets with out the program freezing. After a save I can now work as normal.

It's been a frustrating morning.

Rick Deskins
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Re: Had Problem With Corner Cab

Postby Rick Deskins » Wed, Apr 07 2010, 2:01PM

Can you post the cab or job you are having trouble with? You may want to zip the file up first. If you get to frustrated, please feel free to get our support a call.
Rick Deskins
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