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Kerry Fullington
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Problem with Forum Login

Postby Kerry Fullington » Wed, Mar 30 2011, 7:01AM

Lately when I try to login to the eCabinets forums I get a screen that says I have exceeded my number of login attempts and I have to enter that obscure code. Is this a forum problem (someone trying to login as me) or my computer problem?


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Gary Puckett
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Re: Problem with Forum Login

Postby Gary Puckett » Wed, Mar 30 2011, 7:39AM

I never had that problem, but I check the box that keeps me logged in.

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Michael S Murray
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Re: Problem with Forum Login

Postby Michael S Murray » Wed, Mar 30 2011, 2:26PM

I have been getting the same thing??
Mike Murray
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Perry Pravettone
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Re: Problem with Forum Login

Postby Perry Pravettone » Wed, Mar 30 2011, 9:20PM

Same thing happening here.
Perry Pravettone

Forrest Chapman
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Re: Problem with Forum Login

Postby Forrest Chapman » Thu, Mar 31 2011, 9:27AM

Same thing here though it only happened once and I was able to somehow decipher the code and haven't had the problem since.


Leo Graywacz
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Re: Problem with Forum Login

Postby Leo Graywacz » Mon, Apr 04 2011, 10:58PM

Same problem here. I had a helluva time deciphering the code that needed to be entered. I think it took 4-5 times before I got it correct. Now I can log in.

1st thing I thought was someone had been trying to access my account and went over the login limit. Still not sure what is going on.
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Bryan J Tanner
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Re: Problem with Forum Login

Postby Bryan J Tanner » Tue, Apr 05 2011, 2:09AM

I've had that too
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Duane Marrett
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Re: Problem with Forum Login

Postby Duane Marrett » Thu, Apr 07 2011, 11:14AM

Spoke with Dean about this problem - he has experienced it a few times himself, but has no explanation as yet. We will keep you updated if he turns anything up.

Duane Marrett
Thermwood/eCabinet Systems

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