Joplin, MO. Tornado

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John J. Desmond
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Joplin, MO. Tornado

Postby John J. Desmond » Mon, May 23 2011, 1:51PM

Ok, Joplin has a 3/4 mile wide by 6 mile long path of destruction running through the center of the city. Emergency Management is doing a great job with organization. The citizens however are in shock and lots of people wandering almost aimlessly through the city. Thousands now homeless. Death toll continues to rise. My house had been a staging center for our church. It is a blessing to be able to provide this service. Please pray for Joplin and for the massive clean up to follow. Pray for the people who have lost loved ones. Pray for the those who are displaced. Pray for the emergency workers. I guess just pray!!!
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Re: Joplin, MO. Tornado

Postby JohnLashuay » Tue, May 24 2011, 8:07AM

Thanks for posting John! Glad to hear that you are alight. I trust that God will guide you all through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
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Michael S Murray
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Re: Joplin, MO. Tornado

Postby Michael S Murray » Thu, May 26 2011, 9:13AM

Glad to hear this missed you, what a mess, I cant imagine.
There is another fellow that is a member of the CMA by the name of Tom Meadows, he is also in Joplin, and missed the brunt of this storm.
He posted this link that really shows the devastation, unbeleivable!!!!
We are quite used to the tornadoes in my area, but we usually think of them as taking out a few homes, some barns and farm buildings and then lifting.
In Fact I was at Thermwood years ago when one went through Dale and took off the roof of the hotel, a barn and a bunch of trees. The one on Joplin stayed on the ground and just wiped out anything in its path..
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Matt Quarles
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Re: Joplin, MO. Tornado

Postby Matt Quarles » Fri, Jun 10 2011, 11:15AM

I'm in Joplin also the tornado missed our plant by 10 blocks. We have some employees that have lost everything and sustained injuries. The pictures do not do this disaster justice it is unbelievable what that storm did. My clan is all fine we are 10 miles north of town and we had hail and heavy winds and that was it. Please keep Joplin in your prayers it is going to be a long recovery.


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