Gantry Skewing esceeding limit

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Jason Stephenson
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Gantry Skewing esceeding limit

Postby Jason Stephenson » Tue, Jun 28 2011, 4:14PM

Having a problem with our cnc one of the boys was cutting and a bit of board moved and got jambed in between the gantry and the locater pins for flip op operation and skewed the gantry out of square we fixed that and got it all square again but the problem i have now is that when we home the machine it comes up with an error that the (gantry skewing exceeds its limit bring up servo box for skew updates) i know there probably is an easy fix for this but its just way over my head

Michael S Murray
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Re: Gantry Skewing esceeding limit

Postby Michael S Murray » Tue, Jun 28 2011, 5:34PM

You will have to pull your cover and back off one of your belts, the one away from home, then home machine and reset belt.
Best to call thm as I dont remember specifics...
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Ryan Hochgesang

Re: Gantry Skewing esceeding limit

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Wed, Jun 29 2011, 10:10AM

Steps to resolve gantry skew error:

Remove belt from axis drive opposite of HOME switch, HOME machine, place belt back on drive in which it was removed.

John Havemeyer
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Re: Gantry Skewing esceeding limit

Postby John Havemeyer » Tue, Jul 21 2015, 11:45AM

I am very new to Thermwood. We had a the following message on the screen.

“GANTRY SKEWING ERROR” on the Thermwood computer screen. The screen flipped to the FAILURE screen and in the upper left hand corner the “Siemens Feed Module” was identified. The detail of the message was “Gantry Skewing exceeds its limit. Bring Up Servo Box for Skew Update”. Looking at the drive we saw fault "E-b608"

We found a procedure we had that was called "C-Marker procedure for dual linear axis (non turbo)". The following is that procedure marked up to show what we did. The items we did NOT do are noted. How good or correct the procedure is I have no idea but it got us up and running again.

1.) First remove both belt from the axis. [We only removed non-drive belt]
2.) Next push the axis out of the home switch.
3.) Now pull out the e-stop switch and press NC reset 1 time only. This should clear the e-stop
4.) Then press F1, F1, F5. This should bring up the “normalize Axis” dialogue box.
5.) Now press the “F1” key at the bottom of the screen for the “X” axis. This will start the motors rotation seeking home
° If motors don’t start, home the machine to start the motors
6.) Next while watching one of the motors spin, turn the leadscrew pulley so that the axis goes toward home. At the same instant the motors stop spinning, stop turning the pulley. [We skipped this step]
7.) Now check the computer screen to see if there is a “1500” error on it. If there is, you will need to clear the screen and start over at step 2. If there is not an error proceed to the next step.
8.) Next Press F10 to clear the screen.
9.) Now using the hand held controller, type “Axis 1” .125 and press + and then enter.
10.) Then belt up the Home Switch side only, without turning anything.
11.) Normalize the machine and make sure it homes without errors.
12.) Now you can belt up the other side without turning anything.

Did we do the right thing? the previous post solution seemed much simpler
Thanks in advance,

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