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Boot Camp

Postby Josh Rayburn » Mon, Aug 15 2011, 10:09AM

Hi all,
Questions for you Boot Campers:
I've got a MacPro at home with Boot Camp installed, and a fresh install of Win7.
My mac has a 256mb video card, and a lot of regular processing power (two dual core 3ghz I think) - I don't remember the exact specs now but can follow up later when I get home.
I also have a 30" Cinema HD display, which I am starting to suspect is the real problem.
The bottom line is that ecabs runs painfully slow, almost as bad as it did running with Parallels. If I change the display resolution in Windows to "grandpa lost his glasses" then it runs significantly better, but is still very slow compared to my PC at work with a comparable video card.

Can anyone tell me why this could be, and is there anything I could do to speed things up other than buying a new video card?
I'll post the specs for my video card this evening assuming that would help.
Josh Rayburn
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