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Export Capabilities

Postby TonyGiunta » Sun, Sep 11 2011, 7:39AM

Greetings, I would like to know the full list of what spreadsheet or database tables we have access to within eCab. I am only familiar with the CutList export to excell.
I am trying to automate things more and want to use the data that already is in eCab to help. For instance, if I know I drill x # of shelf peg holes for each adj shelf as a standard, I could then query a table that has "ADJ Shelf", get all the quanities of adjustable shelves and connect with a hardware table that I create to get a list of how many shelf pegs to pull for a job.

Problem I see is that there are no differentiation between adj and fixed shelves on the cutlist. Only "Shelf". Although when I nest a cabinet and double click on an individual sheet, the parts listing for that sheet does differentiate adj and fixed shelves. Is the information found on those sheet listing accessible?



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