CN listing order and batch cabinet names

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CN listing order and batch cabinet names

Postby Josh Rayburn » Thu, Oct 27 2011, 9:49AM

Please see attached export.
I have a number of parts from the drawer boxes in this file that need to be recut, I made a mistake and didn't double pass them.

Now I have the control nesting printed sheets as a reference and my operator has circled the part numbers on each sheet that need to be renested.

Complaints as follows:
1. I don't have the cabinet name on the printed sheets
2. I have multiple cabinet numbers that are the same
3. Some cabinets have multiple drawer boxes in the same cabinet and there is no indication on the printed sheets to tell me which is which other than the size.

Because of these issues, I'm going to spend a lot of time looking at the size of each part to identify which drawer box part to renest. Since there are 4 cabinets named BA1C1 I also have to guess which one is really the right part to renest anyway. If all the drawer boxes are the same size then it's not too bad, but now I have to scroll through a list that isn't sorted in the load screen (by cabinet number or name) and there are more than 8 possible choices since each cabinet has at least two drawer boxes.

These issues are also present when there is more than one fixed shelf or partition, or stretcher in a single cabinet.

Can you please fix these issues?
I just need some additional data to be printed and sorted - all of which exists already.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to use this software because of very simple oversights.
Thanks for the consideration,
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