Some thoughts on shortcuts

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Some thoughts on shortcuts

Postby Mark McCallum » Mon, Jan 30 2012, 12:40AM

Hi guys.
I have been amusing myself making a wish list of possible shortcuts. :o
These are not new features just things that may speed up the process.
And for all I know there may be shortcuts in there that do these things that I am unaware of.
I still keep on learning and finding them.
Feed back would be nice, to see if I’m thinking like the rest of you, and I bet you guys would have lots of other good possible shortcuts too.
Of course this is just floating one out there, to see what you think. and I should be spending time in more productive ways than wishing. :lol:

When a new cabinet is loaded the width sizing option is highlighted straight away and if you had number lock on, on the keyboard type in the number to resize
Adding to the above
When a cabinet is selected / highlighted the width box instantly becomes activated allowing for resizing and allowing for tabbing between HWD
When selecting from the cabinet or assembly directories, the directories would stay at the top. (I know, home takes you to the top)
After wire framing parts, to have a shortcut something like
Shift R+A = Restore All
There is probably a logical reason but when in main if you press A the edging dialogue comes up. E is for edging. A is for absentminded. :? So every time I hit A in the main, the edging window has to be closed. (the guys already fully used to the A being edging are probably quite satisfied).

Door drawer editor
When adjusting handles click on from left or right and activate dimension box
When selecting doors or drawers. The default opening page would be the last selected. Rather than the top of the directory.
So at the moment we have.
Door drawer selection
select source, (Drop down menu) slide down to choose.
Select sub directory.
Select door.
Would be
Door drawer selection, opens the last used select door directory. To change you work up through the directories.
Because generally when you make a new library its floor cupboards then top cupboards and corner cupboards.

The ability to add the handle with the door in one process. Just like adding drawer box with drawer.
Shift P works well but just eliminates a process

Shelf editor
Control+o to select all the openings to equalise
Or Control S, A S= Shelf A = All
When in the shelf editor click in the opening and the height would become editable without having to then re click in the height box. (Would have to disable the 3 that opens up construction settings)
Part editor & Contour editor

Ability to use A to bring up the return to the Main from part editor and in constraints manager A would take you back to the part editor by selecting A (perhaps a check box to override ask before exiting.)

So What do you think?

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