Mtr Pushing Bar

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Mtr Pushing Bar

Postby Neville Bastian » Thu, Mar 08 2012, 7:08PM

Hi Everyone. I was just watching a video from Bobcncautomation about the MTR pushoff bar on You Tube titled Thermwood MTR30 Offloading Rake(if you wish to search for it). Firstly its great to view those videos as they are well done and I am sure would help sales.
I was wondering if there was any thought to having a vacume for dust extraction built into that bar. I have noticed some machines do have this dust vacuming combined with pushing of the sheet. I am looking at ways to do this myself but of coarse missing the rear pods in my case and running the vacume hoses makes things interesting. I guess no one has tried this? I wonder if Thermwood have done something similar but canned the idea? Just trying to short cut my engineering design with free advice.

Neville Australia

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