Workaround for metafile holes in back of front

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Workaround for metafile holes in back of front

Postby Forrest Chapman » Sat, May 05 2012, 3:37PM

I addressed this a little in beta but will post the results here for your review. As some of you have found out the hardware hole pattern to back of drawer fronts works by referencing the edge of the drawer box and moving outward. This means that patterns cannot be applied with conventional logic into the back of the drawer fronts inside the left and right edge of the drawer box. The programers are aware of this and I suspect changes will be made to the next release. Using this workaround you can fool it though to get what you need. This only works with metabox because it has only a bottom and back.

First take the standard pattern and highlight the front clip holes and move left off the Y axis by at least 1" or any figure you need for your specific application. In my case the 2 pilot holes for the metafile clips were .78" inside the front clip holes.
2nd take the drawer box and put a negative 1" left and right inset on the bottom and back.
3rd when you add the box apply the additional left and right clearance to the standard clearance in my case .61" becomes 1.61".

This will get you the desired results. Take a look at the supplied cabinet and hole pattern and see if this doesn't help.

metabox-330h with file
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