typewriter drops tools.

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Evan Corey
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typewriter drops tools.

Postby Evan Corey » Wed, Apr 10 2013, 12:57PM

I have had this typewriter for less then a year and latly when an arm swings back to its resting position the tool falls from the tool holder. Has anyone incountered this problem before, it happenes without warning causing damages to the gantry and pop-up pins.

Scott Marshburn
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Re: typewriter drops tools.

Postby Scott Marshburn » Wed, Apr 10 2013, 1:35PM

We had The same Problem When we first got ours this was before I was operator If I remember correctly there was an air adjustment made to the arm You need to contact thermwood Tec support and they can help. I would not attempt any adjustment without contacting them first.
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Josh Rayburn
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Re: typewriter drops tools.

Postby Josh Rayburn » Thu, Apr 11 2013, 7:36AM

Yep I've seen that one before....at least a few times :)
You may need to replace the rubber bands, plastic finger holders, or both - or it could be a drop-off point adjustment. That should only be done by a specific procedure that you should obtain from THM support. It's probably different on your machine than on mine anyway, so sorry I can't offer any help with that.
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