Extraction Recommendations

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Extraction Recommendations

Postby Gavin Armstrong » Mon, May 27 2013, 2:07PM

I have recently set up a thermwood c53, the machine is great and I think I have gotten my head around most of the controls and programming options, it is now working nicely with the post processer from my toolpaths program.

A couple of things left on the list to do are source some TG collets hard to find used in usefull sizes and expensive new in the UK, well compared with the more common ER types anyway.

The other thing is to sort out decent extraction. What type of setup do most people in this forum use. What sort of specs should I be looking for as a minimum.

Is there any cheap and dirty way of providing enough extraction to clear most of the dust and chips. Would running more than one single bag in tandem work well? Im thinking two or three 1hp extractor may provide the same specs as a large 4 bag commercal machine. I aready have one at home and might be able to pick more up cheap locally, if I removed the bottom bags and place both extractors over a sealed skip I could increas the capacity.



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