Flycut Tableboard starting position

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Evan Corey
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Flycut Tableboard starting position

Postby Evan Corey » Thu, Oct 03 2013, 1:59PM

It has been several years sense the tableboard on my cnc has been changed, this week it has reached its end after friction from a pocketing opperation caused a ember to catch fire... We are now in the process of trying to flycut the new tableboard. once the new thicknesses were entered I stated the flycut routine, the router came to its ramp in possition along the x-axis 6"(not the ramp in possition) in from the edge of the tableboard and continued planeing over the opposite edge. I cannot seem to find any mention of a flycut offest for the tableboard in any of the setting menus regarding the flycut routines.

I ..........................I
I......... --->.....s.......I

(hope this diagram helps)

Please Help!

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Josh Rayburn
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Re: Flycut Tableboard starting position

Postby Josh Rayburn » Fri, Oct 04 2013, 7:12AM

Evan, what machine do you have, and can you post the flycut code here (you may have to change the extension to .txt to post it)
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Daniel Vonderheide
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Re: Flycut Tableboard starting position

Postby Daniel Vonderheide » Mon, Oct 07 2013, 10:08AM


In the advanced settings it looks for the x and y value for the corner of the table closest to home. If the Y value is set to 0, then it will do what you are describing when you tell it to flycut the table board. The wasteboard uses the fixture offset to it would not do this.

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