Recommended Laptop

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Neal Reeves
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Recommended Laptop

Postby Neal Reeves » Wed, Nov 27 2013, 5:43PM

It is time for a new laptop. Could someone recommend one that would run the program without any freezing or crashing issues? The computer I have has gotten me by, but I would like one that won't bog down when I use the program in detail. I'm not looking for a brand name, just specifics that will be favorable. Thanks!
Neal Reeves
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Bonifay, FL

Chris B Campbell
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Re: Recommended Laptop

Postby Chris B Campbell » Wed, Nov 27 2013, 11:17PM

there is a recommendation for what ecabinets requires, it's on the thermwood site, look around you'll find it, I just can't remember were.
I just got my new Dell Precision M6700, I used thermwood's recommendations and then some.


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Scott Marshburn
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Re: Recommended Laptop

Postby Scott Marshburn » Thu, Nov 28 2013, 4:40AM

I Just got a ASUS Q550 from Best Buy.Out of the box no upgrades. I did install windows home and office and is working great so far. Complete package including Mc Office and 1 year damage protection was around $1400

Forrest Chapman
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Re: Recommended Laptop

Postby Forrest Chapman » Sat, Dec 07 2013, 2:18PM

While an off the shelf computer may get you by the best option is a workstation class such as Dell's "Precision" or HP's "Elitebook". These will come with dedicated OpenGL graphics cards and very robust components. Try to stay clear of Windows 8 for now, you probably won't like it anyway. If you don't rush you can find a Dell refurbed Precision 66 or 6700 for as little as $1000.00 on Ebay. These normally come with a 3 year business warranty which I can attest is worth every penny. I'm running a 6600 with Quad core 2.7g turboboost to 3.8g, 2g Quadro video card, dual Solid State hardrive with 1t total, and just upgraded to 32g of ram (was running 16g). Although Ecabs won't use the multicore its still a screamer. A year ago I paid $1400.00 off Ebay. I spent another $600 on 2- refurbed Eport docking stations, 2- clearance 24" monitors, 2- new wireless keyboards, 2- new wireless mouse, and 2- refurbed 3D mouse. All that makes for 1 killer setup more than capable of anything you can throw at it. With the docking stations all your peripherals stay plugged in you just push a button and your laptop undocks. Redocking is just as easy.

Spend a little more and you'll see the difference. Just like a quality tool it will pay for itself quickly.

Let us know what you end up buying, Forrest

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